He is the husband of Lin Doudou, special period does not leave to wife, after incognito life is happy

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“In the past, cars, horses and mail were all slow, and I could only love one person in my life,” Mu Xin said in “Once upon a Time Slow.”In the past, those immortal couples, sweethearts always make people to be fascinated, full of joy.In the past, it was Chiang Kai-shek’s Wutong trees all over the city, it was Yu Guang’s “YOU are all in my spare light”, and It was Shen Congwen’s “I have been to many places, but I only met one person of the right age”.It is Lin Huiyin, it is Xu Zhimo, it is many, many beautiful stories about love.Today we are going to talk about him, too, who knew each other from micro, never abandoned in times of crisis, and finally accompanied by his lover.He is Zhang Qinglin, Lin Biao’s daughter Lin Doudou’s husband, with action to write the true color of love.Lin Biao was the only daughter of Lin Biao and Ye Qun, so when it comes to Lin Doudou’s husband, many people will definitely associate him with a high-class family, intellectuals or other high-status social class, but the reality is not so.Like most people of that era, Zhang qinglin’s family was not well off. His father was a blacksmith and supported his family with hard work.However, Zhang qinglin did not settle for mediocrity. Instead, she seized the opportunity to learn, worked hard and finally became a medical student.And because of good performance, the country was assigned to the army when the army doctor.Lin Doudou, on the other hand, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her father, Lin Biao, was already the vice president, so to speak.And Lin Doudou itself condition is also very superior, both talent and appearance.She could have lined up her date, so their union was a surprise.With the words of the present zhang Qinglin is “phoenix male”, is running towards the wealth and power of the Lin family.But no matter what others thought, it didn’t stop the two from getting together, and in August 1971, in the presence of their families, they confirmed their relationship.At that time, Lin Doudou did not know that she would be glad for her decision in the future.In 1971, Lin’s father, Lin Biao, began a counter-revolutionary coup with the intention of seizing power and even planning to harm Chairman MAO.Failing, of course, Lin Biao escaped and died on the way.Still in the domestic Lin Dou dou, overnight fall from the mountains, by the original day of the proud daughter into the “daughter of counter-revolutionaries.”Ignorant and not clear what happened to Lin Doudou, soon was taken away by the organization for investigation.The walk took years.People associated with Lin Biao have come under intense scrutiny.People say, “Husband and wife are birds of the same forest.Not to mention Zhang Qinglin and Lin Doudou just love relationship.At that time, Zhang Qinglin could have chosen other partners, and in the process of Lin Doudou’s review, he was also affected, in order to avoid suspicion and Lin Doudou cut off relations, is the best choice.But Zhang Qinglin did not, he firmly believe, waiting for Lin Doudou, and ran around for her, although as ordinary people his ability is limited, but never abandon the wait has been precious.Three years later, Lin doudou finished the examination and finally left the prison.Now she has no little princess aura, no prominent family, no extravagance of wealth and people, but she has waiting for the return of zhang Qinglin stars everywhere.Later they went to Beijing incognito rise, two people also married, although the condition is simple, but Zhang Qinglin to Lin Doudou meticulous, take care of add.Difficult years past, for Lin Doudou, now the dull day is the secular stability.Each other is the true meaning of happiness, ordinary is the essence of life, two people in their old age is also very low-key, happy life.Lu Zhaolin in “Chang ‘an ancient Meaning” said, “have to die than what words, willing to do not envy fairy Mandarin duck.”Beautiful love who want to have, reality is often a thousand miles to find.Would like to have a heart, whitehead not separated.Wish everyone can find zhang Qinglin so never abandon love.