The fine fish plan has been formulated, and the weather has been good in the next year

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Vegetable fields during the lunar New Year holiday plan to go to shantou catch a wave, the result notification from a superior cannot be away from the city, so can only choose to the local point play, finally decided to set off for friend little Z development bases, a sea river flood, around 10 o ‘clock arrive destination, set the position at 10:30 double gun launching officially open to the last yellow bream fishing here are not bad,So this time specially prepared a special bait, heart can expect to catch a 7-8 kg best, ha ha don’t know if fish is not active in the winter, the relationship between the rod are nothing happened for a long time, waiting for nearly two hours to open the fish, the sink float accelerated when young stem, the fish fly directly to the front, a see unexpectedly is carefully streak pigs (field called singing shiva),Compare the beverage bottle, this streak pig head is not small, very happy, after all the taste of the fish and value higher than yellow snapper (local yellow bream 35 / kg, spot pigs to 50 / kg) protection continue to put the fish into the fish pole, not long on again and the first shape similar to pigs, excited ah, this not yellow bream an fishing spot pigs, is acceptable,Hey hey thought the next step is to open the rhythm of the connecting rod spot pigs, what do you know what fish don’t have waited for 1 hour, feeling the fishing could not take too much greed, or is the expectation, the greater the disappointment, the greater the ha ha and sit on for a moment, feel a little hungry, ok, you don’t eat the bait I will come to dinner, buffet meal hot calm hot meals a few bar, and the gapTurned to look at the fish in the protection under the 2 streak of pigs, I really don’t know today can catch amount to a dish of rice cooked fish ashore, then to have a dinner, is to concentrate on fishing, before a trip to have a meal, now bad YuQing, role exchange became absorbed in eating, fishing trip, ha ha at 3 PM, although the sun hung high, but the wind is blowing can still feel the winter cold.Thoughts began to enter a state of disorderly want to, not because the relationship between the distance not mouth, then try using long, 4.8 5.7 shelves, caught more than half an hour as a result, the situation remains, then changed back to the 4.8 rod, short rod, after all, throw up and the tide fade easily many 4 o ‘clock, at that time is silent for a long time of float with movement, finally wait until HeiPiao lever,Finally landed the third fish today, or spot pigs, fish, like and then open in the next period of time the fish on a small high tide, spot pigs fish ashore, the mood is really good to be happy during a HeiPiao young stem moment are tangent, think about the river flood, should do not have what big fish should be spot pigs is the line wear or fish bite,This spot pigs fish tooth is very sharp, after all, this photo was taken in to one took the hook streak pig, for everyone to have a look at its teeth interested after 8 streak on the pigs, all restored to its original state, cheated 1 hours of bench didn’t rise to the bait fish, so I decided to press the withdrawal button today totally caught fish streak of nine pigs (calculate the tangent), 8 ashore,Because I don’t smoke cigarette lighters, so I can only get a pen to do reference pictures, ha ha considering the za most fisherman is sensitive to the size of the cigarette lighter than, back later to find the lighter reference to take photos, the size of the convenient we perceive these spot pigs, also using electronic weigh, a total of 1 and a half jins, according to the market price of 50 / kg to calculate,At noon the next day, I took some spotted pigs and yellow snapper and made them into steamed fish for everyone to taste. The taste was really good. It was easy to eat, and it was worthy of its price