Voice ultra high 4 intelligent home appliances, did you enter a few?

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Smart home appliances, and our life is more and more closely related, properly used can greatly improve the comfort of life and home happiness.Almost all electrical appliances are in “intelligent” for sales gimmick, intelligent TV, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent rice cooker and so on, these products are indeed higher technology, but the actual use may not be suitable for us, good for example, “intelligent rice cooker”, with mobile phone software control switch cooking, do you think this function is practical?Now casually endowed with the electrical network function, the realization of mobile phone software control is known as smart appliances, many people buy not long after regret, and today we will talk about the praise of a lot of 4 smart appliances, used the basic do not regret.On the door lock, whether traditional mechanical lock or intelligent lock, the security problem is relative, ordinary mechanical lock is not more secure than intelligent lock, just like anti-theft door, in front of violent destruction or skilled unlocking master, few can not open the door.In addition, if the mechanical lock is used in the home, many people should have encountered the problem of “forgetting to bring the key/the key is lost”, and after a hard day out, they come back to the door and encounter the dreariness of not opening the door. It is estimated that someone kicked several feet on the spot to relieve their anger, and find a lock opener at least to hundreds of pieces.So let’s see what are the advantages of intelligent door locks compared with mechanical door locks?Intelligent door locks generally have a variety of unlocking methods, including:Password, fingerprint, door card, mobile phone software, mechanical keys, so even if fingerprints are wear won’t open, you can enter the password, the door card, open the door, basic can ensure normal opened the door, but there are also worries about smart door locks, no electricity dozen don’t open the door, but don’t worry and panic, renting a charging treasure to smart door lock filling electricity, can be opened.Think about it: Which do you think would be more convenient and cheaper to find a charging bank than to hire a lock picker?Who wouldn’t want to crash on the couch with a full meal, play with your phone, watch TV and spend more time interacting with your family?Dishwasher can not only help you free your hands, say goodbye to greasy and hand injury cleaners;It can also increase family interaction time, promote family harmony, and no longer need to fight over who does the cooking, who does the dishes, and destroy the relationship.But, the “Bug” of dishwasher depends on the wok that takes handle, if you want to wash big wok, so capacity chooses the cupboard type dishwasher of 13 sets of above, and the dishwasher of capacity 8 sets can put a soup pot and so on reluctantly, but the space that places bowl can be reduced in great quantities after putting pot.Three, why is the sweeping robot recommended sweeping robot?Relative to the vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, etc need to “manual” clean tool, sweeping robot has “automatic” function, at the same time it for fine dust, pet hair, “junk” cleaning effect is excellent, QingJieLv is far higher than that of manual cleaning, but not vacuum cleaning the clean thoroughly, but wins in more time;In addition, the robot cannot clean up large pieces of garbage, such as orange peels, plastic bags, toilet paper and so on.If, with the sweeping robot, 365 days a year without a rest to help you clean the indoor ground sanitation, so that we do not have to worry about a day outside to clean the floor.Four, the selling point of intelligent toilet intelligent toilet: automatic induction and toilet cover, automatic washing, clean and warm air drying, seat heating, intimate, anti-bacterial deodorant, night light high-tech functions such as sensing, let us can complete liberation hands, when the toilet and seat heating in the winter to super love, comfort, higher relative to the cushion more health, prevent bacterial growth.In addition, for most people who have not been exposed to smart toilets, the buttock washing function is not very adaptable and acceptable, but this function effectively reduces anal diseases and bacterial infections;If you are struggling with a budget or have finished decoration, and want to experience the functions of the smart toilet, then you are advised to buy a “smart toilet seat”, directly on the ordinary toilet can be installed, because 80% of the functions of the smart toilet are concentrated in the audience.Ok, today’s “smart home appliances” topic to share this, for these four smart appliances, how many have you got?