China (Tianjin) Haihe Education Park’s first opportunity list was released

2022-04-25 0 By

Tianjin, February 19 (People’s Daily Online) February 18, China (Tianjin) Haihe Education Park first opportunity list press conference was held.Leaders of cooperative units, leaders of relevant universities and enterprises were invited to attend the press conference.Feng Nan, deputy director of management Committee of Haihe Education Park, attended and delivered a speech.The press conference released the Implementation Measures for The List of Opportunities in China (Tianjin) Haihe Education Park, The List of Employment Opportunities in China (Tianjin) Haihe Education Park and the List of enterprises’ capabilities in China (Tianjin) Haihe Education Park.According to reports, in order to promote the community and Haihe Education Park information docking, promote the park industry from “preferential” to “opportunity” transformation, attract more forces to join the park construction, promote green and high-quality development of the park, Haihe Education Park management Committee launched the park opportunity list,To promote the development opportunities that can be touched, accepted and participated in, such as the park’s land, buildings, college resources, enterprise products and application scenarios.The list of Employment Opportunities in China (Tianjin) Haihe Education Park is jointly launched by the Management Committee of Haihe Education Park, Tianjin Alumni Association of SwUFE and Tianjin Sichuan Chamber of Commerce.Nine enterprises in the fields of aerospace science and technology, biomedicine, educational technology, finance, cultural and creative industries have provided more than 90 internship positions and more than 80 employment positions, and targeted recruitment of students from colleges and universities in the park, which has broadened internship and employment channels for students and built a career development platform.In order to promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises in the park and the continuous development of enterprises in the park, the Management Committee of Haihe Education Park has organized enterprises in the park and launched the List of Enterprises’ Abilities in China (Tianjin) Haihe Education Park.The list shows the products and services of 20 enterprises in intelligent manufacturing, exhibition services, education services, information technology, green culture and tourism, new materials and energy, as well as cooperation opportunities for social forces to participate in financing, research and development, market expansion and other areas.Haihe river education park management committee industry development minister Yi Haohua, said the next step, the park will also batch release “China (tianjin) education of haihe river park opportunities list” of colleges and universities ability list listing, science and technology innovation, the industrial carrier list, listing application scenarios, such as special listing, and boost the social strength to undertake and building projects in the list, refining, enhance the brand effect,To promote the high-quality development of Haihe Education Park, and contribute to building Jinnan District into a science and technology exhibition city and an important growth pole of Tianjin.