Gentle copy | I set the gentle only you visible

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1. Be gentle, be mindful of advance and retreat.2. Nothing you ask for is nothing you bring home.There is still a moon in love ahead.4..Those met will meet again.5 spring early autumn late, but peace.6. I am already slim, carefree and fearless 7. You are the goodwill of life coming 8.You are the moon and I am the star with you.11. Ten thousand years are too long, seize the day, seize the hour.12..Peace and joy, all seasons like spring.You are in full bloom of the gentle mountains and rivers 14. I look forward to the mountains and rivers also look forward to you 15.Love is all reason and answer stars hide in the starry night there are still people awake.If you love, where life is lovely.18. Good things happen at the next turn.19. Meeting is a blessing, not meeting is also.I live across the street from the universe.21. You sleep at night everywhere.The thing you love to do has no expiration date.All that you see is good, and all that you do is good.26. Don’t think about the bad, but work hard.27. Who can take Mount Fuji private with love?28. Lost in the sea of people, dust everywhere.The stars are love letters from the Milky Way to the moon.The sky is as blue as when I met you.Full of the gentleness of the world and the moon will be presented to you.When I have enough sixpence, I will look for the moon.36. A girl’s skirt can hold all summer.38. In a quiet position, see the bustle of the world.39. Don’t be afraid of me. Don’t cry.There are stars and moons to look forward to and a cosmic romance to be more than 42.The stars crumbled into a Milky Way in your eyes.43If you are not happy, you will change a place to see the fireworks in the world.45. People who come into our lives by accident always surprise us. 46.48. Look at the sea for a long time to see people, see people see many want to see the sea.I hope the good mood will go on every day as usual and the troubles will be closed forever.And so on all the encounter in the world, and so on all the reunion after a long separation.52. To be a kind person, a person who is liked by others.53. Don’t need advice, don’t need approval, I like it is worth.54. Have big and small expectations so that life will not be boring.When I meet with gentleness, I must blow the autumn breeze with gentleness. I still like you like the cycle of the sun and moon alternately ignoring the day and night.Empty heart, is the best gift.The only way is the most beautiful scenery.58 the best way to live life: make yourself happy, let others rest assured, let family at ease.59. What makes people feel distant is not a long time, but two or three things that can not be retrieved.60. Don’t make others difficult, also don’t let yourself wronged, this is the adult world should be like.Ps: The copywriting source is Momo’s wechat official account, Momo Copywriting Pavilion ~ (remember to pay attention to it, super loud ~)