If Jia Lian asked Lin Ruhai to save Xiangling

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Jia lian sat across from Lin and called out “Uncle.”But it was silent again.Lin Ruhai only way is broke the disaster dare not say, the in the mind is a little funny.Sure enough, you’re a kid. You can bluff like that.At this time, he naturally looked at Jia Lian how pleasing to his eyes. He looked at him as his own child, and there was no difference between him and his own child.”Lian Son what matter?”But I don’t know how Jia Lian is thinking of telling him!I just had a little hope. It’s better to talk.Don’t turn around and blow people out of their minds.”Uncle, do you still remember Jia Yu Village?”Yes.”Lin Ruhai answered simply, “He once came to teach Wench Lin for a period of time. I saw that he was nice and talented.Because young and full of energy become arrogant offended boss lost an officer, so teach you uncle to help dozen a new officer.How do you bring him up properly?Could he have done something wrong?”He did more than one bad thing, okay?Jia Lian smiled sadly.”Doesn’t my uncle know what he did when he became an official?”Lin Ruhai said, “I’ve been away for a long time, and when I got sick, I took leave.I really didn’t pay attention to him.”Jia Lian said to him, “After Jia Yucun took office in Jinling, I met Xue Fan, Xue’s elder brother, arguing with someone about selling an orphan girl. Xue Beat the man to death and took the orphan girl back home.Now the orphan girl has changed her name to Xiang Ling in his family.”How jia Yu village how to bend the law to please prince Teng and so on said again.Lin Ruhai quietly listen to him say that finish, easy way, “according to you say so, that Jia Yu village for promotion was by hook or crook.Now it involves your uncle Jia Zheng, your wife’s uncle Wang Ziteng, and your cousin Xue Pan.If for the sake of human justice, but a broken matter.Although Jia Yucun lost his official position and his head, Xue Pan was also doomed.Both Jia Zheng and Prince Teng will resign.Will you?”Lin Ruhai leisurely said: “If I fold, it means that I and the four families for the enemy.If I really bad, Lin wench no one to rely on.If I do, if it’s a matter of life, if the four families fall, they might kill your brothers and sisters.You’re in the game, too.When all your glory is lost, your brothers and sisters may die too.For an orphan girl.Really?””Me, me?Lin Ruhai by a question, Jia Lian in the mind of chaos, he thought different.He not only wanted to save Lin Ruhai Lin Daiyu, he also wanted to save Qin Keqing, Xiang Ling, Jia Baoyu, Xue Baochai, Wang Xifeng, Ping ‘er, he wanted to save all the young lives.Whoever commits a crime should be punished by law.Xue Pan is not innocent, but Xue Baochai is.Jia Zheng is not innocent, but Jia Baoyu, Jia Tanchun are innocent.But it is a sin to join hands.Jia lian shook his head and shook the mess out.”Uncle,” he said, “I haven’t thought that much.What is more urgent is that xiang Ling is now at Xue da Brother’s house.”Jia lian gnashed his teeth at the thought of xue Pan’s name. “Is there any way my uncle can help her?”Lin Ruhai surprise: “you are to see that girl?”‘No!Jia Lian smiled bitterly and thought, “I still want to save your family. Do I have a crush on Lin Daiyu?””I thought, since xue did something wrong, we should make it better than never and save Xiang Ling first.As to what my uncle said, I confess I have not quite decided.I didn’t want to save her for anything.Just trying to save a little girl, just like saving Sister Lin.”I don’t know why jia lian explained.”I was thinking that if something like this happened to Sister Lin one day, someone else would try to save her.”About read and their own pearl on the palm, Such as the sea Lin look move.His voice softened. “We need to take a long-term view of Jia Yu village.You know the seriousness, something might as well consult with me more.Xiangling……It is also easy.Now that I have to take care of my health, I can’t be next to myself when I feel uncomfortable like before.I’m going to ask my friends and family to recommend some good doctors.Write each letter to the old lady, your brother-in-law, and Aunt Xue, saying I’m not well, and telling them to inquire about a good doctor.Another dream a bodhisattva said that the disease needs a eyebrow with a mole name with flowers and grass wench to wait on, asked them to send this to me.After the natural I one day, this wench has a good day, you see how?Jia Lian had just finished washing up in the morning when Ah Ren came over and said, “Your master said that the second master needn’t go to the study today. If you are a guest today, the second master should follow me to the hall.”After jia Lian Lin ruhai from the original letter, Jia Mother forced Jia She, Jia Zheng, Jia Zhen to find a famous doctor.Jia Zheng and Lin Ruhai are excellent, where is not to follow?All wore busy time to seek famous doctor, a few days come down, also quite sought two.Jia Zhen also find zhang Youshi, accompanied by Jia Rong came to Gusu.Jia Lian and Li housekeeper busy to three doctors and Jia Rong catch wind, and arrange accommodation and other matters.Fortunately, Jia Lian has been used to living in the Lin family, li housekeeper and effective.Somehow muddle through.Another Lin Daiyu sent him, “Xiang Ling is already in the courtyard. Now he is living with Lin Daiyu.The second brother is busy with his own first, and later, come together to thank the second brother.”