New Year’s Eve!I hope That In the year of the Tiger, Hong Kong will emerge from the dilemma of the epidemic and resume its journey

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There are a lot of good friends who care about me and know that my eyesight is not very good (so I sold my car recently), but I still write every day for the article, and I have food and clothing, why bother?On the one hand, I read about Hong Kong, state affairs and world affairs every day in the process of writing. On the other hand, I hope that as a citizen, I can reflect the public opinion and express my heartfelt feelings. If readers can sympathize with me, I will feel more gratified.In today’s uncertain world, to see the world’s natural and man-made, glad himself and his family live in Hong Kong, even in Hong Kong have faults, but compared to some political unrest, dangerous areas, such as Ukraine, Afghanistan, Burma, the people had a long-held, life’s in hot water, although there is a pity and care,However, the people in Hong Kong have a relatively good living environment.See it even and hegemony, compared to the United States is a global epidemic areas, infections of up to 74.2 million people, the death toll to 883000 people, is the world’s, and even Europe and the United States, Australia, and new and advanced in rich countries such as Japan and South Korea, infections and deaths in these countries are quite a lot, so Hong Kong people be confined disease city more than two years, do have outbreaks fatigue feeling, and recession,It does make grassroots citizens and small shop operators miserable, but we finally live in a safe and stable society, so we should still cherish our blessings and be grateful.At the 2022 winter Olympics in the first four (4) the unveiling, season will be held from February 4 to 20, the event would be highly anticipated around the world, the people all over the world to see China’s advanced science and technology, space waiter politely civilization, the Chinese people’s hospitality, and the people of a cheery New Year Spring Festival features, this is China to show the world of modern civilization,The new pattern of social well-being and wealth, and the country’s strong strength is self-evident.Believe that people around the world are looking forward to watch the wonderful the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, while the outbreak haze troubling the people around the world, the winter Olympics may worry, make you forget the outbreak bring irritation when see athletes from all over the world to fireworks scene of the game, win honor for our country the podium to receive climatic scene of the MEDALS that politics is unable to remove reverse human sincere love sports and peace.”History is a mirror, it illuminates reality, also illuminates the future”, as China’s increasingly go back to the center of the world stage, the international community will pay more attention to China at the same time, if China through this Olympic winter games to people all over the world speak good Chinese story, is not only the glory and the glory of the people throughout the country, people will feel the same way as the dc,This is my personal wish for Hong Kong in the year of the Tiger. I wish Hong Kong a vigorous and prosperous Year of the Tiger and a new journey beyond the dilemma of the epidemic.