Rumor?South Korea’s car min-kui was accused of throwing ice pier pier, photos were not labeled by the skating federation expelled

2022-04-25 0 By

The Olympic Games affect the mood of China and South Korea, South Korea short track speed skater Car Min Kui was spread to protest the unfair game, the award ceremony back to the ice Mound mound souvenir doll thrown into the trash can.South Korean star car 旼 before kratos in short track speed skating 500 meters finals loss to the Chinese Gao Ting yu, only silver, when he accept to make dramatically wiping action, by the mainland netizens criticized him in protest against injustice, the mainland media pointed to the car 旼 kratos or punished because of violate the rules, the worst case may even be deprived of silver, after the player and an interview, explain the action isn’t protest,But out of respect for the podium.Cha’s move reminds people of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, where Canadian athletes protested against unfair judging and wiped the podium before receiving their awards.Recently, the media for car min kui dissatisfaction with the results of the report, refers to his post-game press conference, gold medal High Tianyu and bronze medal Japanese player Mori Heavy hang, put his “ice dun dun” doll on the table, but car min kui did not do so.The report said, “at this time, a volunteer (staff) found an ice pier pier in the garbage can, which is likely to be thrown by Che Min-kyu, he believes that everyone can not see it,” pointing to che min-kyu lost the official medal souvenir to express dissatisfaction.The media article has now been deleted.The media refers to the car min Kui lost his hand in the ice pier pier, but there is no evidence.According to the Olympic Charter, athletes are prohibited from making any gesture of protest on the podium, and cha could be punished for breaking the rules, or even stripped of silver in the worst case.More refers to the report, the car 旼 kratos in dry ice dramatically suspected protest against injustice, “international HuaLian (ISU) don’t go to see”, put forward the ISU awards in the official social media upload photos, pictures only three people not labeled car 旼 kratos account name, means “in this way to warn players”, car 旼’s move “threw the gold and a disgrace (face).”The headline reads that Min-kyu was “directly expelled” by ISU.International Skating Federation IN the official IN upload 3 photos, car min Kui no label.However, after the reporter In the search car min kui Korean and English name, car min kui suspected no personal account, it is possible that he is not related to the name of the letters or numbers, even ISU failed to find his account mark, so can not assert that the Korean players were ISU warning and “expulsion”.