The latest news!Sudden price cut!Almost cut in half!

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At 3 am on February 8, before dawn, two trucks loaded with cherries drove into Mengyang Fruit wholesale market in Pengzhou, Chengdu.As soon as the car came to a stop, someone was guarding the door before the container opened.”This is the first cordia to arrive this year. They call it the Rolls-Royce of cherries.”Yang Ran, head of Xinnonglian Trading Co, one of the market’s top three cherries sellers, said cordia is the most expensive of all cherries.What’s the price of cordia?It is understood that a cordia variety of ten jin loaded cherry specifications from 2J to 4J, the price from low to high respectively in 400 yuan, 500 yuan, 580 yuan.”Like 3J years ago to seven hundred yuan a piece, each specification of a piece almost all cheaper 200 yuan.”Yang Ran pointed to other varieties of cherries said, after all the cherries are cheaper than before the year, some of the severe price with the festival than almost “cut in half.”At 3 am on February 8th, before dawn, two containers of cherries arrived at the shops in the market.Cabinet door has not opened, super procurement and wholesalers have surrounded the car.”Some of them were pre-ordered, and some of them were picked up on site.”Yang Ran said that a container of 24 boards, a board about 190 pieces, a 10 catties.One is a pallet with cherries on it.Three hours later, less than two of the 24 bars of cherries were left.And 4J is not left.”If you look at the green stem on each fruit, the average Cordia cherry is about two centimeters longer than the other varieties.”Yang Ran opened a cherry carton lid said, from the appearance, can be distinguished by the length of the rod.The bigger difference is in taste. “Cordia’s are sweeter and more intense, which is one of the reasons it’s called a Rolls-Royce.”In previous years, 4J specifications of 10 catties are generally sold for more than 800 yuan a piece, calculated down to 80 yuan per catty.Now the wholesale price comes down to about 58 yuan per catty.Santilla, Rabins, Ice, Regina, Cordia, there are more than ten pallets in the shop, with different varieties and specifications of cherries, making people a little dazzling.”There are a dozen varieties of cherries sold in China, and dozens around the world.”‘Different varieties mature at different times and come to market at different prices,’ Mr. Yang said.The price of different specifications of a breed also has difference, general head is bigger, the price is higher.The cherries that you eat today are imported from Chile and are available from mid-December to late February or early March.After being picked in Chile, the cherries are put into airtight bags and pumped with nitrogen to keep fresh before being shipped to China for about a month.You can buy two “How much is this?””That is 240 yuan a piece, a piece of ten jin, before the 300 yuan.””Much cheaper than years ago!””It went down after The New Year.”…”Before the Spring Festival, the price increased by 10 or 20 yuan every day. In a week, the price of a piece increased by more than 200 yuan.”Yang ran explained that the price increase is due to the low number of goods delivered before the Spring Festival, and the strong demand during the Spring Festival.Among them promotion of rabins 3J specifications 10 catties pack a price of 199 yuan, before the highest about 380 yuan, the price almost half cut, before a piece of money, after almost can buy two.Despite the obvious price drop, the store’s daily sales were only about half of the previous year because of falling demand.Yang Ran said that at present, the supply of Chilean cherries has gradually entered the end of the end of the month will basically end.Many merchants have stockpiled goods before the New Year, some are digesting inventory, some replenishment volume is relatively small.Normally at this time of year, they’ve sold at least 50 cases, and nearly 40 so far this year.Now the supply is gradually increasing, the market price has basically fallen back to the Spring Festival price.”Right after the launch and holiday are generally the best value times to buy cherries.”Mr. Yang said cordia sold out because of its quality, but also because it was new to the market.In terms of the whole cherry market, there is basically no such popular varieties like Cordia, the price will be basically stable.You can choose different kinds of cherries according to your preference.Finally, Yang Ran picked up a bag of cherries from the carton to remind you that when buying the whole piece of cherries, you can first observe the white paper under each bag of cherries.If the paper is completely dry, it means the cherries are not damaged. If the paper is wet, it’s probably from the cherries.Source: Redstar news wechat part of the material from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us, thank you editor: Sun Yi Ci