Factories generally suffer from labor shortages, factory owners want to recruit secret: arrange a blind date every month

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Factory is difficult to dismiss workers and factory boss want to recruit new way: arrange a blind date every month recommended language: according to the previous experience, many manufacturing plants after the lunar New Year holiday will usher in a new round of recruitment season, after all, many workers will leave in years ago, after a comfortable home, years later and come back again to look for a job.But in recent years, it has been difficult for factories to recruit workers. Even in many manufacturing regions, it has been difficult to recruit workers for years, and the problem has not been effectively solved.According to insiders, in order to retain front-line workers, many enterprises can only take the strategy of increasing wages, and some even write stable staff into the enterprise strategy, which shows the seriousness of the recruitment problem.Nowadays, the author has visited and found that many manufacturing factories have posted recruitment information at the gate. Some factories write “more than 10,000 yuan per month, no ceiling!”But even so, few people go to interviews to talk.So how did the problem arise?It is widely believed that factors such as withholding workers by labor service companies, difficulty in raising incomes, enterprises’ reluctance to hire scattered workers and the high mobility of post-90s workers are the main reasons for the labor shortage.At the same time, many factories are struggling not just to find workers, but to keep them.Many friends in charge of enterprise recruitment said: the hard workers, a large part of the workers are dry a few days choose to leave, which undoubtedly brings severe challenges to their work.Why do manufacturing employees choose to change jobs frequently?For workers, it is very satisfying to find a stable job in the factory, pay the five insurances in full and not be in arrears.But in recent years, as labor dispatch monopolizes the labor market and recruitment channels, the room for wage increases for workers has been very limited.In order to recruit and retain workers, many business owners are slowly opting for “disintermediation”, and have launched a personalized service for entry-level employees — arranging monthly dating events.Indeed, in recent years, there are a lot of older young people in China who are left behind. From the perspective of arranging blind date activities, of course, part of the recruitment pressure can be relieved.But analysis of personage inside course of study thinks, although this move is helpful for recruit, but cannot solve recruit difficult problem fundamentally however.The main reasons are as follows: First, recruitment is partly due to the fact that many workers want to find a partner in the factory. If the factory can provide such services on its own initiative, it can certainly attract some migrant workers.But the underlying salary issue was not resolved, so the employees returned to the “quit when it was time” mode after the blind date.Secondly, the main group of migrant workers has become the post-90s generation, and most of them choose to be single voluntarily. For example, the report that “the single population in China has reached 240 million” has proved this problem.So the factory arranges the matchmaking service, to them this part group actually also does not have too big attraction.For this matter, many practitioners think: now in the factory work day and night to work overtime two shifts, extremely long working hours, low income and other situations are common, this is the root cause of difficult labor shortage.And enterprises want to solve the difficult labor shortage, in the final analysis, we must follow the people-oriented, treat employees, humanized management, so as to make employees willing to contribute to the enterprise, the real solution to the difficult problem of recruitment.What do you think about it?