Guangdong Huizhou: take care of the environment everyone work together to better nature

2022-04-26 0 By

Guangdong News (editor, Lin Yongyan) On February 5, 2022, volunteers from Guangdong Province, China Red Pioneers, came to Yagongding Forest Park in Huizhou city to offer love and carry out a thorough cleaning of the park.In the morning, the volunteers gathered at the park square on time. They were divided into two groups: one group was responsible for cleaning the square and the surrounding roads, the garbage in the flower grass, and wiping stone benches, propaganda boards and signs;The other group is responsible for cleaning up the garbage on both sides of the trail and cleaning up the rest booths.Then volunteers climb to the top of the mountain, clean up the garbage above, and then pick up the bags of garbage to bring down the mountain.After 3 hours of joint efforts, volunteers cooperate with each other, unity and cooperation, the mountain and the park square are clean garbage.Volunteers also experience the hard work of cleaners.Some volunteers also take their children to participate in activities with them. This kind of imperceptible influence plants the seeds of “giving” and “helping” in the young children’s minds, so that they slowly grow into healthy and happy people.Seeing the volunteers in action, tourists were tempted to take videos and photos and join the clean-up team.Volunteers are the advocators of purifying the environment and practitioners of Lei Feng spirit, demonstrating the style of voluntary service of The Times with practical actions.Participants (in no particular order) : Gao Xiang, Yan Youyuan, Yan Ziyao, Jian Tianci, Jian Zhiqi, Jian Mingwei, Jian Jiayao, Wang Shengjiu, Lin Yongyan, CAI Chunlan, Li Chunmei, Qin Jiangui, Qin Wenjun, Ning Piao, Geng Lianying, Jiang Jinliang, Yu Dongli, Zhang Changyou, Li Yuwu, Liu Guiping, a total of 20 people.(Photo by Jean Tianci)