Hebei team general manager suggested the football association: reduce the number of foreign aid, to the Chinese more playing opportunities!

2022-04-26 0 By

Last season’s performance in the super league fans are disappointed, in the backdrop of the outbreak, is under the influence of the team’s impact on the World Cup, the Chinese super league fixtures is greatly compressed, the league also was once sacrifice, and now the team’s lost promotion the hope of the World Cup, the Chinese super league club also has a lot of back pay, even there is extremely difficult to survive.Now, a club boss who has invested a lot of money voiced his hope that the FOOTBALL association can continue to reduce foreign aid, live is the best policy!This is the Hebei team general manager Li Jun, he said that he has personally for the club pad 2 million yuan, if the Hebei team disappeared like this, he will regret for a lifetime.It can be seen that Li Jun, as a native of Hebei, has a lot of feelings for this team, and now Hebei team is also one of the most difficult teams in the Super League, the team’s share reform has not been completed, the funds are quite difficult.However, this team has even bought world stars like Lavezzi and Mascherano at high prices.Li jun said that the team’s investment has been one-tenth of the previous, the total expenditure is less than 200 million yuan, the team’s three foreign players are all rented.Now I hope the football association can appear to let the club survive good policies, including the restrictions on foreign aid, Li Jun said, I hope foreign aid will be reduced, so that less money can be invested, and give Chinese more opportunities to play!In addition, if the salary limit can be best, echelon now many players do not have the opportunity to send their children to school in their teens!Obviously, Li jun’s starting point is that his club has no money, but such an idea seems unrealistic.In the second stage of last season, CSL saw a large number of foreign players leaving, which led to a sharp decline in the enjoyment of the league, while clubs with excellent foreign players were more dominant in the league. If the foreign players were further reduced, CSL would be reduced to a local league 10 years ago, and the value of training would be greatly reduced.And if continue to reduce foreign aid, where to rent the North Team in the super team in the foreign aid?There is no doubt that China football now downturns, but if Chinese continue to go down the drain, will only hurt more Chinese football, Portugal abroad recently guo tian, said his exile after 3 months will be back to shandong taishan, compete for the Chinese super league champions for the team, clearly, without the competition of foreign aid league more excellent players choose to study,Chinese playing time is not by letting out, but to improve the strength at the grassroots level, the Super league can have a place!(Lao Chiu Super League Football review)