King of Glory 31 is coming with a big update, 3 epic skins for free, mystery store discounts coming

2022-04-26 0 By

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, there will be a new wave of updates on The 31st, and this one will be full of benefits.There are not only limited skin online for the Spring Festival of the Tiger, but also many free skin benefits.Check it out with Lao Wang from Duoduo.I believe everyone will not miss the free skin, after all, I believe friends are waiting for this kind of welfare activities online.The first thing I want to talk about is the wish welfare activity that Tianmei will launch every year.This campaign guarantees you a free hero.If you’re lucky, you’ll get epic skin.Of course, more people are getting normal skin.It’s free if you can give it away, right?Then there is the market selling activity that everyone is participating in recently. Although this activity is a little complicated, it is also easy to understand. After all, as long as there are enough refresh times, we can get the free skin we want.This free skin is epic in quality, so it’s a good conscience event, just remember to participate.Moreover is once again open treasure pavilion activities, for this I believe everyone is not strange.The rare skin quality of Treasure Pavilion is very high, although it may need to participate in this activity for many times to obtain enough rose heart exchange, but for such high quality skin, it is very worthwhile to participate in many times, after all, it is also a way to obtain free skin.Have you been involved in all the recent welfare activities?Which activity do you think is the most ethical?Welcome to leave a comment, Lao Wang will choose a lucky one from the good message for free.