New Year’s Eve with Yin: Xuefenggu Han Man Lin Li Wanchun Liu Jialin fondle the wilderness shepherd boy Han Hongshun Ju Dengde

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751 The morning of New Year’s EveSnow FengGu smile good mood from a piece of glass in the last year I saw changed tie, as if one thing no problem dangdang rather than scrapped a well-worn clouds in zhong shan sentiment woman.she wore beige windbreaker weather is cold, the outbreak of some venture return Ukraine there didn’t I lean out the window with bad news Chinese bulbul, can drift of fireworks flowing water in front of the mirror up and the distance,January 31, 2022 [Qingping Music] New Spring Festival Music/Han Manlin (Jingdezhen) An oriole to celebrate the New Year.Tiger roar dragon Yin Mountains and rivers cui, beautiful color far fan Yunji.Sheng qi element shadow taoyuan, only my Chinese graceful moonlight.Cite a group of fairy crazy drunk, describing the magnificent home.2022.1.31 and old classmates Li Tiancheng “Happy New Year” jade rhyme/Li Wanchun year’s end in the beginning of yinhu, Yang Qingliu green borrow wind Yin.The snow melts and the red plum blossoms to celebrate the New Year.Green peak cui Cui qianfeng show, clear water cold million wood xin.Xiweiyun steamed warm sunshine, fireworks swing universe.Chinese New Year author: Liu Jialin (1) The Year of the Ox ends today, the red light to soak up the east wind.Xiangyun invited on thousands of drunk, purple gas rising million households in harmony.Three rounds of green ants make a drunken, fireworks ring into the sky.Children enjoy singing and dancing, watching movies burning incense is an old man.One night the clock strikes two minutes, the year of the ox is gone and the year of the tiger is new.Winter and summer to the window, the stars outside the spring.Drink tu Su thousand drunk, with the taste of delicious food million households round.Jiang North and south fireworks, the country’s east and west firecrackers frequency.On New Year’s Eve of 2021, the whole country celebrates the city that never sleeps.Air tree honeysuckle, fang Zhou song people boiling tripod.Out of the old and in the new can not love, winter to spring ox tiger more.The day of the ring people increase age, ambition still cream temples peng.(two) Kaiyuan Courier call spring breeze, New Year flowers bloom Huarong.Many places epidemic alarm, across the screen zhu Kangning.The firecrackers swept away the stars, the lights dimmed and the sun rose.Tiger frighten off many viruses, next year’s rain to wugu deng.2022.1.31 [Happy spring to] New Year’s Eve xu wen/wilderness shepherd boy New Year’s Eve family happy voice, devout worship god, Zhengdao shock to experience vigorous letter deep.Look forward to the future, sing praises of the world.The Spring Festival good article/the wilderness shepherd boy praise friendly literature garden, red network spread all over the world.Hymns recited poems and paintings, wen Hai ink charm popular.Taurus courageously line, Chuo Tiger brave to bear.Thank you brother Xu and Xiao Cheng for your blessings in the New Year.The Spring Festival is not the same every year, Yin Tiger roar in the sky.Yu domain clarification, faith revitalized, the future god grace.Month lang spent a good man Tim Shou, the national cup.Changhong guan song, beam three, the Chinese dream round.[Man Tingfang/New charm] To celebrate the Spring Festival/Han Hongshun Spring grass at the beginning of the feel, cold fragrance tu Yan, the bank of the willow cui Yin.Fireworks resplendent, splendid universe.Look across the land, old age, vientiane renewal.Reunion night, firecrackers jing empty, wine on Yin.Yin Tiger spit auspicious gas, lanterns hung high fu Linmen.In the lanes and streets, the splendor is like a brocade.Sing taiping song heyday, painting bridge, xiao drum frequency.Xixiran, honeysuckle fire tree, winter plum reported the New Year.Write in the New Year’s Eve text/Gud New Year’s Eve, eliminate bad luck.Post couplets, red fu.Red light high, try on new clothes.The whole family is happy.Aroma tangy, New Year dinner dumplings.SMS New Year greetings, the Year of the Tiger.Enjoy the Spring Festival with laughter.Golden cow resignation to winter will do, jade tiger welcome another spring.The setting sun shenzhou infinite good, spring jinqiankun.On New Year’s Eve.(Contribution: Association of Poets)