The National football team lost 2-0 to Japan, guangdong media published a painful criticism of Li Xiaopeng, the first show was not as bright as Li Tie

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Beijing time on January 28th, the top 12 in last night game 7 rounds of competition, the national road’s 2-0 defeat to the host Japan, nine points behind group third Australia, in the case of only three games, could overtake Australia is only theory, China enough to announce in advance out of the competition for places in the World Cup competition.After the defeat, guangdong media pointed at li Xiaopeng, the new head coach of The National football Team. Yangcheng Evening News wrote an article and analyzed the match, saying that Li xiaopeng’s first performance was not bright, and the unilateral friction of the Japanese team in the process of the match made the fans lose confidence.The article also thinks that Li Xiaopeng is not as good as his predecessor Li Tie, at least when Li Tie leads the team, the national football team still has the hope of scoring goals.The 2-0 result was the result of a number of missed finishing chances for Japan, who played very softly.In the last match against Japan, China was also dominated in the first half, but in the second half, they were able to switch offense and defense, giving The Japanese team an offensive threat, but the Japanese team struggled in the first half.However, the Game was played by The Japanese team for 90 minutes, as long as two statistics can be reflected, the Chinese team only entered the opponent’s penalty area once, the whole game hit the goal twice, this game completely played into the Japanese team’s offensive tactics practice.Japan football legend sergio – even after the review articles, published after the game, he thinks the Japanese attack mode is too drab, also can not grasp the opportunity, meets the real equal opponent to be in a goal, also good the opponent is the Chinese team strength is very weak, if such teams in Australia, Japan cannot compete.The most frustrating part is that this shrimp and pig heart talk is true. Did the Japanese team give up?Put in.Does the National football team have the strength to contend?No.Japan as one of the traditional strong teams in the east Asian region, our team’s failure is expected, 0-2 score can also accept, but the game presents content to let the fans down, not one person, not a certain location, the game can you see the team’s all-around crushed by Japan, from the level of players competing ability to the ball,From the passing of small cooperation to the field rotation communication, no one can match.According to li Xiaopeng’s interview after the game, the original tactical arrangement was shrinking in the first half, and in the second half, when the Japanese team’s physical strength declined, Alan, Wei Shihao, Dai Weijun waited for the opportunity to blow the attack horn.The effect is certainly there, but can it really threaten the Japanese defense and continue to put pressure on the opponent’s penalty area?There is no problem in terms of the content of the game.National football’s biggest core player Wu Lei this game is completely invisible, we do not have to doubt whether Wu Lei tried his best, he must have used all his skills, but the objective gap is so big, Once the Chinese team control the ball as long as close your eyes count three seconds, then open your eyes when the ball in the foot of the other side.Disappointed fans could only joke that China’s tactics consisted of freezing the Japanese goalkeeper in the first half and shooting empty in the second.This sense of loss and powerlessness is something fans have become accustomed to over the years.We can afford to lose. Haven’t we lost much over the years?But we hope that the national football team will grow up in failure, hone in failure, and eventually win one day.This match lost to The Japanese team, whether we can examine the national football team selection system and the Japanese team selection system is different.Japan has a mature domestic commercial league, perfect overseas growth mechanism whether our national football team can learn from it.In recent years, with the failure of capital injection into the stadium, the National football Team has a trend toward the industrial model of that year.We are not afraid of losing, not afraid of failure, afraid of is not know where to go, do not know where is the way out.The last time China beat Japan was 24 years ago, an entire generation, and hopefully it won’t be a generation before they beat Japan again.