The provincial Party Committee and the provincial government issued the implementation opinions on promoting high-quality development to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality

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Provincial party committee, provincial government recently issued by about promoting the development of high quality carbon carbon neutral work implementation opinion of peak notice, clear in 2025, green low carbon cycle economic development system preliminary formation, the key industry energy efficiency reached the international advanced level, effectively control co2 emission increment, showing beautiful jiangsu construction results.National targets for energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption per unit of GDP were met, and forest coverage continued to rise, laying a solid foundation for achieving carbon neutrality and peak carbon consumption.Notification requirements, as a whole area layout optimization of low-carbon development, adhere to the “four along” river lake along the river, to strengthen green low carbon cycle development direction and task requirements, higher quality propel the development of the Yangtze river delta integration of ecological green, a higher level, pushing forward the construction of the “1 + 3” key functional areas continuously optimize along the coastal productivity layout and major infrastructure, public resource layout,We will move faster to develop and protect China’s territorial space in a way that is carbon neutral and carbon-neutral.We will resolutely curb the blind development of such projects.We will strictly implement national policies on capacity control in coal power, petrochemical, and coal chemical industries, and implement equal or reduced production capacity replacement for new or expanded projects that are energy intensive and have high emissions, such as steel, cement, and plate glass.We will raise access standards for energy consumption, strengthen ecological and environmental access management, and strictly control the construction of new projects.We will implement a list-based, dynamic management and early warning of energy use for projects that require high energy consumption, and establish and improve a long-term mechanism to curb the blind development of such projects.Vigorously implement key industries reducing carbon reduction action, the green manufacturing and clean production of energy-intensive industries, the energy consumption of high iron and steel, cement, plate glass, oil refining, ethylene, ammonia and other key industries and data center to organize the implementation of energy conservation and carbon reduction, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, backward technology, backward, a sharp rise in the industry as a whole the level of energy efficiency.We will promote low-carbon transformation in urban and rural development.We will integrate the concept of carbon maximum and carbon neutrality into all links of urban and rural development, operation and management.We will improve the structure and layout of cities, develop ecological, landscape and ventilation corridors, reasonably plan the development targets for urban floor area, and strictly control the development of public buildings with high energy consumption.Implement green construction in the whole process of project construction and put an end to large-scale demolition and construction.We will develop management of building energy consumption and implement management of building energy consumption quotas.We will systematically develop sponge cities in all areas.We will improve the rural living environment and build a beautiful and livable countryside.We will intensify efforts to tackle key and core technologies.We will vigorously pursue breakthroughs in green and low-carbon technologies, accelerate breakthroughs in key technologies that are low-carbon, zero-carbon and negative, and focus on major projects for the promotion and application of green and low-carbon technologies.Set up special funds for provincial carbon peak and carbon neutral scientific and technological innovation, and organize and implement special projects for carbon peak and carbon neutral scientific and technological innovation focusing on key areas such as renewable energy, zero-carbon industrial process reengineering, zero-carbon building, carbon capture, utilization and storage.With a view to significantly reducing carbon emissions, we will strengthen linkages between ministries and provinces, departments and provincial-level regions, jointly organize and implement key science and technology projects, and support key industries and regions to take the lead in reaching carbon peak levels.The province will strengthen the constraints of indicators, including carbon peak and carbon neutralization into high-quality development assessment, related indicators into the comprehensive evaluation system of economic and social development, and the implementation of targets and tasks into provincial ecological and environmental protection supervision.All regions and relevant departments and units shall timely report their implementation to the provincial party Committee and government.To carry out annual monitoring and evaluation of carbon peak and carbon neutralization work in each district and city, and report the evaluation results to provincial party Committee and provincial government.Regions, departments, units and individuals that do outstanding work will be commended and rewarded in accordance with regulations, and regions, departments and units that fail to fulfill targets and tasks will be notified of criticism and held accountable in interviews in accordance with regulations and law.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: