Thriving New Year, 2022Prada new product magnification, “year of the tiger action” waiting for you

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There is something romantic that only Chinese can understand.The wonderful bright red, beautiful and strong but not at all conspicuous, is the essence of the Chinese people’s passion and deep affection. In 2022, the Tiger will wear gorgeous red and have a secret date with the light spring.Prada’s latest design inspiration comes from a touch of red that makes people feel excited.Chun Xia chooses this Look how a beautiful word get?White cashmere cotton dress + black slim sweatpants, simple and casual with a strong sense of sports girl, the year of the Tiger is to wear a vibrant, red Martin boots to support temperament, heroic temperament who and fight for the edge?Li Yifeng’s dress, will also focus on red shoes, black printing jacket, concise and fluent building materials with artistic flowers texture, retro literary temperament is vividly vividly.Baggy sweatpants and red Martens were chosen for a sunny and handsome look.Just looking at Prada’s latest collection, the year of the Tiger is jubilant enough.In addition to buying, buying and buying, Prada’s brand value is far more than that. Among so many fashion brands in modern society, Prada’s most commendable feature lies in that her design focuses not only on the appearance of clothing, but also on the inheritance of artistic independence and innovation.Prada’s combination of design concept and contemporary art is particularly profound. From the patterns and patterns in the clothing, we can see the profound inner artistic connotation, which is so rich and profound.Their clothes are like a web of hip punk hipster chic and understatement of expensive classical art. Prada connects the past with the present and blends its own unique style.At the beginning of the New Year, Prada also launched a new activity in the Year of the Tiger. This is the first action of Prada brand, and also the beginning of the whole Project of the Year of the Tiger.It is a collection of works about tigers created by artists from all over the world, including ink and wash paintings, oil paintings, illustrations, photographic works, collages, sculptures, video and audio works.Submissions must be submitted by March 31 for art school students under 30 years old.The selected works will be exhibited online or offline. If you have a dream, you might as well try to create your works. After all, this is a good opportunity to show your works to the industry giants.If you don’t go to the exhibition, even if you get some warm advice, you won’t leave empty-handed.Speaking of the judges of this Prada Year of the Tiger event, they all have their origins.Liu Ye’s paintings, which have been exhibited at Prada’s Grand House in China, contrast the rough cement with the delicate color brushstrokes, making his figures seem mysterious, dangerous and fascinating.Goshka Macuga, as the judge of this activity, also exhibited his own works in the mansion. Goshka Macuga’s paintings are abstract, highlighting the smallness of the figures and the cognition of the true self, worthy of being a master’s work. If you look at them quietly for a while, you can easily feel the joys and sorrows in the paintings.The paintings are certainly moving, but what impressed me most was the mansion itself.Prada has made great efforts to decorate it and give it a better meaning beyond the delicate old house. The heavy sense of history and full of artistic atmosphere come to you. If you walk in such an environment, the artistic atmosphere will be cultivated.From this building, we can glimpse the profound artistic heritage of Prada brand.In this year of the Tiger campaign, Prada not only collected art works, but also donated to the “Walking with Tigers and Leopards” project of China Green Foundation to protect wild Siberian tigers.Ordinary brands only think about how to sell their clothes. Prada is the only brand with such a sense of social belonging and responsibility.An enterprise with culture and responsibility, Prada is so popular, this is the essence.Participation in this submission is free of charge. The only channel for submission is Prada official website, official weibo, wechat official account and qr code link of the poster.Hope everyone can enthusiastically contribute to register, now or never.Thriving New Year, 2022Prada new product magnification, “year of the tiger action” waiting for you.