Do not miss the time to prepare spring ploughing!Nan ‘an: high quality farmers training class in the field

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Large farm machinery field operation demonstration training Quanzhou Evening News · Quanzhou pass client On February 8 (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Chen Ling Lu Lin Jinfeng correspondent Pan Mingshui article/figure) “micro tillage machine to maintain, pay attention to fuel filter cleaning, oil replacement, carburetor cleaning.””Mechanized seedling, must first soak seed, bud.””A rice transplanter can transplant more than 20 mu of rice in eight hours.”Recently, nan ‘an agriculture and Rural bureau held high-quality farmers training class, large farmers and agricultural socialized service organization operators, agricultural machinery more than 70 people participated in the training.Two days of time, they learn not only in class food high-yield cultivation techniques, agricultural production and management skills, listen to the grain subsidy policy, land circulation and hosting of agricultural production, also entered the farm machinery supermarket, seedlings base, family farm on-site training, learn skills, the wisdom of agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery maintenance application of new agricultural machinery, ready for spring planting a lot.”On the opening day, the experts introduced rice and sweet potato planting and management technology to us, and guided us on how to control diseases and insect pests, so as to realize crop quality improvement and yield increase, which is also beneficial for us experienced old farmers.”Lin Changdu, a large farmer from Nan ‘an Wharf, said.In addition to planting technology, participants are also very interested in the application of new agricultural machinery and smart agricultural machinery.Nanan Wu Zhaohuan bureau of agriculture and rural areas to produce hair division chief, said an earlier this year, Chinese New Year, the eighth day, the ninth day, has entered the stage of spring parts of Southampton, for spring planting materials reserves, on the basis of the use of spare time, holding the high quality training of farmers, aimed at improving farmers planting technology, improve the service level, agricultural socialized service organizationsWe will lay a solid foundation for spring ploughing, open up channels for providing trusteeship services for agricultural production, and ensure a steady increase in grain output.