No matter how big the snow, “hundred tomb slope” never snow, archeological experts dig, discover the secret

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Introduction: As the feudal China is based on agricultural economy as the main body, so also spawned a lot of agriculture-oriented culture.The Central Plains has always been relatively rich in the feudal period, so today we can still find many relics left by the ancients in the Central Plains, and there will be many ancient tombs in the Central Plains.There was once a mysterious mound of earth in a village of Shanxi Province, which had never been covered with snow for thousands of years. Later, after an archaeological excavation, experts and scholars discovered its secret, which made them excited.Shanxi Province as a cultural province, it was very rich in the agricultural economy era, so there are often traces of ancient tombs in Shanxi Province, there used to be a small mound in Ma Village, Shanxi Province, and this small mound because of the perennial snow, so the local people named it as the Hundred tomb slope.No matter how heavy the snow falls, how thick the snow on this small slope, only two or three days, it will all disappear.But this phenomenon is unusual, because in the northern region, the winter temperature is low, most places are covered with snow, and the snow can take several days to melt, but this small hill is not covered with snow, so it also attracts the local people’s attention.Because of this series of strange phenomena, so the local people will also through their own association and the legend of the older generation, for the hundred tomb slope made up a lot of stories, but by the influence of strange force chaos god’s thinking, so few local people are willing to come to the hundred tomb slope near the range.In 1973, the hill village again ushered in a blizzard, in all is white, baimaopo is still no snow.Because the name of this place is called 100 tomb slope, so some people will infer that there will be a lot of underground tombs, and ancient people will bring a lot of gold and silver treasures into the ground as burial goods, so this also attracted many criminals want to come to the 100 tomb slope down to explore.One li villagers moved slanting idea, after he took his tools arrived near Bermuda slope, and began to dig, underground just appeared a small pit at first, but then should have a big hole under the mound, completely out of the show, li the villagers to see this big hole, very happy, because all this speculation with him,He concluded that there must be gold and silver under the tomb slope, so he immediately into the hole.Instead of the treasure he had expected, there was nothing in the cave. There was neither a coffin nor any valuables, which made him feel a little disappointed.Underground space is located in the although there is no coffins, gold and silver, but tomb sculpture murals on the wall is very beautiful, so he go straight down the mural direction, but came to the corner, suddenly was behind the image got a fright, he saw behind have a female the ghost, is to go to the door above, and then li villagers immediately was terrified,In panic, he immediately returned to the original way, but Li was still holding pottery products.Li’s practice soon attracted local attention, so the local government was also worried about the outflow of property inside the tomb, so it reported to the provincial unit, which immediately sent a team to the slope of 100 tombs to investigate.When the team entered the tomb, very surprise, they found the rooms here are all made of blue bricks imitation wood packing, carved by the pattern on the chamber wall is mostly drama elements, so you can infer the scene is very like opera, but from that point also can let the experts and scholars know the development of the opera.As experts went deeper into the tomb, they also discovered the true face of the ghost that scared away li villagers. It was actually a lifelike maid carved on the tomb, and based on the structure of the tomb, experts and scholars speculated that this scene was probably left over from the Jin Dynasty.However, no relevant epitaph was found, although the tomb was built very grand, but the burial goods are very simple.Heaven does not suffer those who help, finally in the efforts of experts and scholars, he found the information of the owner of the tomb.The family name of the tomb owner is Duan, and 90 percent of the people in the village are duan, so most of them are presumed to be descendants of the tomb owner.However, the local villagers did not know much about the life of the tomb owner. At this time, a man named Duan Dengke took the initiative to find experts and scholars and told the life of the tomb owner.The tomb belonged to duan Xian, whose family had a secret recipe for medicinal food that prospered for hundreds of years.During these hundreds of years, a large amount of wealth was accumulated and magnificent tombs were built. However, with the Invasion of the Central Plains by the Mongol army, duan’s family was also destroyed.The discovery of brick tombs in Ma Cun allows experts and scholars to deeply study opera culture, medicated food culture, and local historical events, all of which are enough to bring surprises and surprises to experts and scholars.