The human world: the husband has an affair, Dong Weihong’s turn a blind eye, pierced the indifference of the rich marriage

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Every woman’s heart, lies a big dream, we all expect to someday to marry a rich man, that’ll be set up for the rest, a day just thinking about beer and skittles, other don’t have to worry about at all, even the ordinary couple transient everydayness couldn’t exist, yet married really happy?I’m afraid not. Dong Weihong in This World is the best evidence.Lowder cy is a can’t bear the girl, in the face of the countryside and bitter cold, she has long been the last straw, can be used as an educated youth, she had no other way to go, only darling suffers, the emergence of old yao finally let lowder cy see the hope, although at that time the old yao has married once, even a child, but also more than ten years older than lowder cy,But these are not a problem for Dong Weihong, because she is concerned about the old Yao section chief position.Lowder cy young, always thinking about if you want to get rid of the sad place, only to marry an old yao is the best relief way, so she want yao to the old, old yao’s visit, hope to get the old yao is a horny, in the face of young girls throw herself, even if they know each other purpose not pure, also want to marry her, after all, in the heart of the old yao,Marriage is not permanent. He can always change his wife if he wants to.Now old yao has made great achievements in the field of business, for at least a few times richer than before, and lowder cy with his nature also enjoy a lot of retired life, can and friends DongMei meet again after so many years, lowder cy that revealed how many years of marriage, than dong-mei yu intimacy with ping-i Chou, no any intimacy between she and old yao,Dong Weihong also said that he had long separated with old Yao.Separation is not terrible, terrible is old yao others outside, according to the lowder cy’s words, just one, if this in general a woman’s body, to see their husbands affairs estimates have erupted again, can be lowder cy: no, no matter how many women in the outside, old yao she don’t care, because she is old yao’s wife, as long as they can live on the big villas,What does it matter if your husband’s cheating on you?Her husband was having an affair, lowder cy to turn a blind eye, scotched giants marriage indifference, in Dong Wei red eye, between her and the old yao what love, never say good point, but they are nominally husband and wife, the company for many years still not divorce, because they have been through our different, noninterference, lowder cy wants money, old yao can satisfy,Old Yao also needs a wife who knows how to play dumb, and dong weihong is obviously the best one.But after marry into left out, lowder cy looks very sad, but it is more clever than any woman, because she for her husband’s indulgence, but also got what they want, what’s more, she doesn’t love yao, support was to marry him, but want to let the old yao help themselves from suffering, above have already said, she is not a hardy girl, in that case,We must bear the grievance that ordinary people cannot bear, so that we can live a prosperous life.Everyone’s values is different, perhaps in this world, there are a lot of girls like lowder cy, they don’t care her husband love oneself, only care about you live well, eat well, this is very natural and unrestrained alive, but even the betrayal can stand’s wife, I can’t imagine how hard their hearts!