Folk tale: the concubine of a high-ranking official was sleepy and later found out that she had an unusual background

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There is a senior official Liu adults took a room concubine called Li Niang, born to national beauty, beautiful.Liniang everything good, there is a quirk, like to sleep, as long as the pillow fell asleep.Once she stood on the steps and seemed to be talking, came back into the house, laid her head on the pillow, and fell asleep for three days.Liu is very angry, he took a concubine is to serve themselves, not to let her sleep every day back to sleep.He asked for a long time, and even had to resort to family law, before Li Niang said, “The concubine belonged to the Lord of the Lotus City. She was a singer girl who had been banished to the world because of her mistakes. Although she lived on earth, she was still sent in her dream, hoping to atone for her SINS and return to Wonderland.Yesterday was shijun’s big birthday, all the immortals came to celebrate, I as a singing girl, to perform in public, too late to return immediately, was found by adults, please forgive adults.”Liu, of course, did not believe such nonsense and said to him, “If you can lead me to travel in your dream, I will believe you and forgive you your SINS and, if it is right, act in the family law.”However, his threats had no effect. Li Niang said, “My concubine comes to the world like dust to the grass.Whether I live or die in this world depends on your lordship, and I dare not make fun of the fairy world and ask for your favor.”Liu is very angry, he wants to carry out the family law, but looking at the beautiful face of Li Niang, really can’t do it, let it go.A few years later, Liniang suddenly fell ill. At first, it was just a cough, but it got worse and gradually became bedridden.Liu adults looked at beauty jade face bleak appearance, is very pity, come to visit.Which know li Niang suddenly shed tears said: “Thank you for your love, the little woman has not repaid the opportunity, before adults want to follow the little woman to the fairy world, today is a good time, tonight, I will meet your long-held wish.”Liu adults very happy, asked how to follow li Niang arrived in the fairy world.Li Niang said, “Your excellency sleeps alone behind a screen. I can take you with me to the world of fairies. This is not a small matter.Liu agreed, on the spot to arrange a screen in the room of the beautiful niang, that night he and the beautiful niang separated by a screen alone sleep.As soon as he got into bed, he fell asleep.The dream of the Beautiful niang as not sick as beautiful, but also increased the three points out of the dust of the gas, the United States is not like human beings.Dressed in a five baht dark clothes, above the flash of multicolored light, a look is not the house of clothes.Li Niang holding a crane a luan, please Liu adults ready to travel.Liu trembling to ride on the back of the crane, saw the crane wings, on the sky.As an ordinary person, never in such a high place, Liu closed his eyes in shock and fear.After a while, the crane fell to the ground. Liu opened his eyes and looked around. He found that both Liniang and the crane had disappeared.As he got closer, he saw trees like this growing all over the city, so fragrant that he could smell them miles away.Liu adults to wonderland, heart, he slowly forward, soon to reach the gate, saw a young hair riding a pony from the gate came out, young handsome, let a person forget vulgar.Liu adult usually also quite good male sex, see a teenager, obsessively looking at each other.Seeing that someone was looking at him, the boy reined in the REINS and asked, “Why is Master here in hell?”Liu adult a surprised, hell, what beautiful niang says is not this place.In his desperation, he told me why he was here.The young man laughed: “After Shi Manqing died, he became the Lord of the city here, and his subordinates are under the jurisdiction of some ghosts. How can this place compare with the fairyland like Penglai Ying State?”When Liu refused to accept, he retorted with what Li Niang said: “Your concubine is dying, so you came here.Why are you here before your time is up?”When Liu heard his words, he suddenly realized that he wanted to return to his hometown, but there was no way.”Your concubine is very cunning, she cheated you, your excellency can ride with me on this horse, I will take you home.”Liu is very, sitting on the young horse, holding the young together.A horse double ride, natural is zero distance between two people, across the clothes, skin friction, Liu adults feel young skin tender and soft soft, not from the color heart, he thought he could go down with the young so much good.Chat with the young, want to elicit something from his words.The boy said, “I live in Zhongshan, and I have finished my education. I heard that the city is very beautiful, so I came to visit it.But the Yin here is too heavy to live long, so to leave.Liu believed his words, trance they had walked several miles, suddenly the boy said: here.Mr. Liu looked around and found that the scenery here was more unique, with pavilions and pavilions looming in the shade of trees and flowers, and the mountains lush with flowers and trees.As soon as Liu came here, he lingered on, and the young man led him into the house and invited him to a wine feast.And the boys served were all good-looking boys.The boy said, “This is the abbot’s mountain, the place where daluo Jinxian lives. If you are not predestined with your master, how can your master come to this place?”In this way, Liu adults here to play carried away, suddenly heard a charming rebuke, scared young pale, those beautiful young boy also fled everywhere.Suddenly a streak of red flew in from outside the room and directly into the hall.Liu adult a look, bearer is his concubine Li niang.See Liniang, Liu adults have not had time to speak, he found that he came here with the young has become a stone egg, ying Ying a grip.Li Niang picked it up and said to Liu: “This little thief is not self-respect, actually lure Liu, this is Liu’s adult flimsy, can not see true fairy, today I take adults back together, the family is afraid to wait.”Liu adults are ashamed, but found that the scenery has changed, the original pavilions, trees, into a rocky valley.Liu adults in li Niang’s help on the crane, crane hovering, roaming in the nine days, soon returned to liu’s house.Liu was startled and woke up, listening to the side of the ear a burst of cheers: adult woke up.Liu sat up and asked the servant around him to know that he had slept for two days.He was very surprised, sent people to find the Beautiful niang, and then held back the servant, asked the beautiful niang what happened?Li Niang pulled his hand said: “originally wanted to guide adults to fairyland a tour, can not think of crane speed fast, luan speed slow, resulting in adults were evildoers confused, almost missed the event, but also can explain the adult doubts.Soon, I will leave this world and return to the fairy world.Can no longer serve your excellency, your excellency must not grieve.”Then she took out the stone egg that she had picked up that day and said, “It is a beautiful piece of jade that your excellency has chosen. If you cut it open, your excellency can play with it every day without being blamed for ruining your good fortune.”Li Niang just said that, he swallowed his last breath, sweet jade loss.Liu knew that Li Niang was a fairy, so he spent a lot of money to bury her and set up a tablet beside the grave, which read: The tomb of sleeping concubine.He later li Niang gave him that stone egg let the craftsman cut open, got a piece of jade, zhu Yan Shuang hao, wonderful.Mr. Liu treasured this piece of jade so much that he wore it all day long and never went down.The story is from Different Fireflies, the story is called “Sleeping Concubine,” and the author says that Li Niang is still too cunning to let Liu enter the real fairy world.Otherwise, the world fairyland, or let a young into, and demagogic people?There is such fun in sleep unexpectedly, can like sleeping ji can touch the pillow every day can fall asleep, even as ordinary people, but also a joy.