Harbin CDC latest reminder

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On February 4, 2022, Gu ‘an County, Langfang city, Hebei Province, found two persons who tested positive for COVID-19 nucleic acid in the nucleic acid test of key persons. They were the mother and daughter who lived together.On February 5, two people were found to have tested positive for nucleic acid in Longlin Ethnic Minority Autonomous County of Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.In the early hours of February 6, Four asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were reported in Heihe City.In order to accurately implement the prevention and control strategy of “prevent importation and rebound at home” and effectively control and block the spread of COVID-19, Harbin Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued the following prevention and control alerts:1. Please have traveled to Langfang, Hebei Province since January 21, Baise, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region since January 27, Heihe, Heilongjiang Province since January 19, 2022, and have traveled to other medium-high risk areas or have intersections with the recently announced travel track of the case.In particular, those who have been to the same place at the same time, or who have taken the same flight or train, should immediately report to their communities (villages), work units and hotels on the premise of taking good personal protection, and cooperate with the implementation of epidemic detection, nucleic acid testing, medical observation and other prevention and control measures.Two, to remind people not to travel to recent outbreak risk areas, such as had to go to, be sure to advance to the community (CunTun), is reported to the work unit, and pay attention to the progress and epidemic prevention and control measures for query destination, bring plenty of personal protective equipment and necessary disinfection products, complete protection, return after, according to the city related to epidemic prevention and control policy implementation.If you are in contact with a confirmed case or asymptomatic infected person, or have had recent contact with people in the above-mentioned areas, you should report to your community (village), workplace or hotel.3. If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation, diarrhea and other symptoms, do not take medicine by yourself. You should wear a mask and go to the nearest fever clinic as soon as possible for investigation and treatment.Four, the general public, please fully understand the current epidemic situation complex, continue to epidemic prevention and control this alert, in order to establish positive new crown vaccine immune barrier, especially without the personnel of new crown vaccine (except contraindication) including 3 to 11 years old children, didn’t finish the new crown vaccine vaccinations personnel, to complete the entire immune full personnel of 6 months has not yet been to strengthen the immune,Go to a nearby vaccination site for COVID-19 vaccine.Must complete personal health protection, scientific and standardized wearing masks, especially when taking public transportation and activities in crowds gathering places to wear masks and the public transportation such as by plane should also try to avoid contact with public goods, reduce the number of eating and drinking, and continue to adhere to in our daily life, keep a safe distanceDo not gather in groups, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, eat together rarely, eat separately, use public spoons and chopsticks, cover coughs and sneezes with tissue or elbow sleeves, and go in and out of public places in accordance with the health habits and lifestyle such as temperature measurement and health code (travel code) inspection.Daoli District CDC: 0451-51669665 Dawai District CDC: 0451-57672096 Nangang District CDC: 0451-86243577 Xiangfang District CDC: 0451-55694618 Pingfang District CDC:Acheng District CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention: 0451-53722510 Songbei District Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0451-57321893 Hulan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0451-53163181 Yilan County Center for Disease Control and PreventionBayan Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0451-57502636 Bin Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0451-57914255 Fangzheng Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0451-57112343 Mulan Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0451-57083497 Shangzhi Center for Disease Control and Prevention:Tonghe County CDC: 0451-57435030 Wuchang Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0451-55802434 Yanshou County CDC: 0451-53067333 Harbin Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0451-51012320 Source: Harbin Center for Disease Control and Prevention