Platinum: Guo Wei withdrew the claim against Du Ma.Netizen: He didn’t attend 918 trial at all

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Platinum: Guo Wei withdrew the claim against Du Ma.Recently, some of Du ma’s fans have said to stay away from The February 8, Qingqiu has gone and come again, cat ma has indeed gone;However, a called platinum iron powder, but the Wolf cat fight withstood, not only did not want to leave the signs, but also to the whole of some explosive news.Today, she accidentally found a message: you go to ask Pan Law, ask Li Law, wei has withdrawn the prosecution of Du Ma, has withdrawn the 770,000 claim to Du Ma?Why hide such a major change in the case from the public?Pan Lu also said in his “Xunyang Night Talk” that his children do not lie.According to the statement, Yao Wei has withdrawn the lawsuit against Du Ma, has withdrawn the claim against Du Ma, and the two lawyers Pan Li are still witnesses.This is a big melon!So, Guo Wei is still with the family, has not really and biological parents into a family?To this end, the platinum also the wicked first complaint, blame someone deliberately hide the case of the change.Is that actually the case?The answer is no!Some netizens said: Guo Wei did not attend the 918 trial at all, the court appeal was decided during the 58 trial, when did he change the lawsuit request?According to the 918 trial scene of the net friends recall: 918 trial that day, the other party saw Guo Wei arrived, immediately surrounded up, are guo Wei once known friends and relatives, he said what also rushed out of the circle surrounded.The lawyer saw this and thought of more than 200 photos Lao Du had prepared.Therefore, the provisional decision guo Wei will not attend the trial, by the lawyer and his wife Tian Jing.That’s a slap in the face.Fortunately, the time has not been long, fortunately, the parties are still alive, otherwise, the platinum still do not know how much rumors will be created.