Teacher Hengshui: I have integrated the three year biology examination points into the 200 items and learned them in five days

2022-04-28 0 By

Hello everyone, this is the Knowledge base of college Entrance examination.The study of biology in senior high school can be said to be the focus of our science. We always regard biology as the backrest and ignore its science aspect.In fact, biology science also has strong logical thinking, which is not because of the calculation, but because of the many knowledge points in its chapters. It is difficult for students with weak foundation to master all the test points.Therefore, in order to let us have a better study, Teacher Hengshui sorted all the aspects of high school biology in the three years into 200 pieces in the form of compulsory courses. Let’s have a look.Complete document, the end of the article the end of the grade three study time is tight, I hope we can seriously to learn and summarize, let’s have a look.