This food stall in Old Street, Anhui province, has been passed down for five generations for 164 years

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Anhui has a long history and many fascinating natural scenery. Huangshan is the first symbol for me to know Anhui. As one of the “three mountains and Five Mountains”, it has not only beautiful scenery, but also profound cultural deposits.Huangshan is not only a mountain, but also a city. Like the mountain, it has a long history of more than 2200 years.A city has beautiful scenery, but also not without delicious food, such as the famous Huangshan baked cakes, is in the inheritance of the people, the delicious preserved.In the old street of Huangshan City, there is a snack stall selling baked cakes. Now the operators are an old grandmother and her daughter. From 1858 to 164 years ago, this old craft has been passed down to the fifth generation.The shop is not big, and there are all kinds of baked goods and old charcoal ovens on the stall at the gate.The old woman also looks very old. Every day, she makes the pancakes by hand. Although there are only four flavors, they have been researched and created by generations.His family has also been CCTV, provincial SATELLITE TV and other more than a dozen media interviewed, in the local is also a small reputation.The first generation in zhejiang created spring onion cake baked wheat cake, the second DaiChuanCheng father craftsmanship and created the egg cake baked wheat cake, the third generation came to huizhou founded the brand now, and increase the semi-rotted vegetables pork with baked wheat cake, lean lean, chopped green onion pancake, straw sandals, baked wheat cake, and the fourth generation is now in the shop of granny, created the black sesame baked wheat cake, peanuts, walnut sweet baked wheat cake, wu3 da4 lang2 baked wheat cake,Time to the 21st century, the fifth generation of inheritors created red bean paste baked cakes, fruit jam baked cakes.After time and market selection, the four kinds of shaomao cakes are now sold in the shop, such as braised pork cakes with dried plum vegetables, crispy shaomao cakes with scallion oil, black sesame sweet shaomao cakes with red bean paste.The method also retains the ancient charcoal oven baking method, so the time will be slower, so that the baked cakes will not be damaged after a month.The pancakes cost 15 yuan per catty, and they cost 2 yuan each.The production technology of shaobi is exquisite. The dough is kneaded evenly into a round shape and then placed on the inside of the charcoal stove. After baking with charcoal, it gradually reveals the charred yellow color and all ridges.More famous is the steamed bread with braised pork and dried plum vegetables, the fat in the pork belly seep into the dried plum vegetables, to the astringency, embellish the vegetable fragrance, and the meat is not greasy.The flavor of the combination is locked by the dough, and only when you bite into the dish, you can feel it, which is crisp and crisp, but not greasy.After tasting the shaobin, his family also opened a wonton shop next to him. There are wontons, iron plate hairy tofu, iron plate stinky tofu and so on, which are all local snacks.Although local people do not know this store, let alone believe the century-old store, but is not actually not important, delicious is the fundamental, or the same saying, suitable for yourself is the best, not for others to say blindly.