Video | Praise positive energy!This group of enthusiastic women in Zibo have been cleaning streets for six years

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At 7 o ‘clock in the morning of February 14th, the temperature drops slightly. On the main road of Xinhua Community, Zhangdian Station street, Zibo, a group of old people are cleaning the community road in full force, just like the first time they volunteered to clean the community 6 years ago. They are like the morning light shining, weak but warm!In Xinhua Community, Zhangdian Station street, Zibo, there is a group of enthusiastic elderly women who form the “Morning Light Flash” volunteer sanitation service team. Mo Cuilan, 67, is a veteran party member. Since 2016, she has led seven elderly people to clean the community voluntarily.”When we started working, many residents said it was a show, and the streets were full of doubts.”Mocuilan said that at the beginning, they were full of energy and did not care what others said. They just had a simple idea: “I am a Party member and I should take the lead in doing more in everything.”Xinhua community at that time, there is no formal property management, plus some cement road potholes, bad cleaning.Mocuilan and several retired party members undertook the task of cleaning the main road of the community.Every Monday, without any notice or request, people would arrive punctually before 7 a.m. and clear the roads by 8 a.m., “sometimes a dozen people, sometimes seven or eight.”February 14, Mo Cuilan told reporters that everyone in order to do more, some at 6:30 in the morning to grab “broom”, afraid to come late without work.Some time ago, Mocuilan was hospitalized for a few days because of illness. After leaving the hospital, she insisted on coming to clean it. After getting up early and walking, several neighbors immediately “grabbed” the broom to help clean it, and let Mocuilan have a good rest and don’t be tired.Elderly volunteers dedicated action, infected people around, more and more people begin to join the team sweep the street, everyone also started to pay attention to keep health, “it’s not a village on the main road has installed the pet box, is lets everybody everybody is responsible for the health habits, common serving the community clean power.”In the interview, community residents spoke of the elderly volunteers to sweep the street, have given a thumbs-up.The reporter saw in the community that the old people cleaned the main road about 300 meters long, and the ditches on both sides of the road were not easy to clean.But the old people are not afraid of dirty or tired, insist on a thorough cleaning every Monday, so that the clean environment brings residents a happy mood.”Considering the elderly, most of them are over 60 or 70 years old. When it snows, the community workers give the volunteers an early notice not to come. But when the notice is issued, the volunteers led by Mocuilan have already started clearing the snow, even earlier than usual.”Speaking of the positive energy these elderly people bring to the community, Li Chong, secretary of the Xinhua District Party Committee and director of the neighborhood committee, as a witness, was deeply moved by the sincerity and dedication of the elderly.Wang Yufeng, 73, insisted on sweeping the street since 2016, which has become a habit for many years. Even when she needs to take her niece, she also insisted on coming to help every Monday. “SHE came to me at six in the morning, finished early, and went home just as the children woke up.Already 70 years old, Wang Yufeng is still busy and full of life arrangements.Mo Cuilan, Wang Yufeng, Wang Maofang…From 7 people at the beginning to 11 people now, these enthusiastic grannies continue to shine after retirement, contributing to the cleanliness of the community with their meager strength, and bringing positive energy to people around them.”The dedication of the elderly is also a way for the elderly to do something and enjoy themselves. It is a small incision for the elderly communities to take the initiative to implement innovations and promote the improvement of people’s livelihood.Through the improvement of each small incision, we can promote the transformation of basic livelihood to quality livelihood, which is also a different sense of gain, happiness and security for the people.”Yang Chao, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zibo Zhangdian Railway Station, explained what the elderly volunteer service team had done.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Ma Jingyang, Xu Xiaohui, correspondent Wang Wenduo) Editor in charge: CAI Jicai signed: Shan Qing shangguan number author: Dazhong Daily