What is the asura Platinum badge

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DNF Asura platinum badge choose frustration will, frustration will is a passive skill, not subject to national service features bonus, priority choice.And wave engraving can be improved through equipment and national service characteristics of the pearl, so platinum badge graduation is a setback will, if you choose must choose the setback will.But the wave seal is a graduation badge if there is no will to defeat.Frustrated will abilities increase your intelligence when attacked, increase your intelligence when attacked, and restore your mana when attacked.However, if you are not satisfied with your buff level, you can choose to kill wave.A good attribute platinum gives a bonus to the character’s damage.Platinum badge only left slot right slot two parts can be selected.Generally divided into active skills and passive skills.Almost every class is a passive skill.Because active skills can only improve one skill.But passive skills can improve all skills.DNF equipment and some fashion items can be inlaid with badges, which can significantly increase the damage of the character and is one of the details of crafting.In addition to the platinum badges, badges can be added to every piece of equipment.To achieve a bonus to damage.And it can make a big difference.