Foreign friend suffering from uterine fibroids, Qingdao medical team to help her non-invasive removal of “obstacles”

2022-04-29 0 By

Qingdao News on February 11 (reporter Li Litao) recently, Qingdao Women and Children’s Hospital gynecological center ushered in an Armenian patient Rose(pseudonym).Recently, she went to the hospital for an examination and found that she had multiple fibroids in her uterus, the largest of which was more than 6cm in diameter.As fibroid lesions will lead to pregnancy difficulties, abortion, pregnancy fibroid degeneration and other risks, so she became a “block” on the way to pregnancy…”Doctor, no, no, no surgery!I want to get pregnant as soon as possible.”Ms. Rose was more concerned about surgery.After fully understanding the needs of the patient, the doctors at the gynecological center suggested that she carry out an assessment to see if she could be treated in a non-invasive way and realize her “dream of giving birth” as soon as possible.Focused ultrasound ablation (Hifu ®) is a non-invasive treatment technique.With the penetration of ultrasound, low-energy ultrasonic waves from outside the body are focused on the diseased tissue in the body. Through thermal effect, mechanical effect and cavitation effect, the temperature of the diseased tissue can reach 60-100℃ instantly, resulting in tissue coagulation necrosis, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.Can be used to treat uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, scar pregnancy, placenta implantation, abdominal endometriosis and other gynecological diseases.Since the integrity of the uterine wall is not damaged, it takes only 3 to 6 months for the patient to conceive.The director of the Gynecology Center, Professor Zhao Shuping, led the team of the Micro-non-invasive Center to conduct a comprehensive preoperative evaluation for Ms. Rose, and decided to choose the treatment plan of focused ultrasound ablation (Haifu ®) with less trauma, quick recovery and short pregnancy preparation time.The operation was carried out as scheduled, and after one and a half hours of therapy, the largest fibroid and other small fibroids in Ms. Rose’s lateral uterine wall were effectively ablated, without any damage to the endometrium and serous membrane.Looking at the results of her post-op exam, Ms. Rose was relieved to be discharged from the hospital 24 hours later after making a good recovery.