People’s enthusiasm for sports is high during the Spring Festival to welcome the Winter Olympics

2022-04-29 0 By

During the Spring Festival, many citizens chose to go to the sports venues to sweat and cheer for the Chinese Olympic athletes.This winter holiday, some citizens have brought their children to the ice rink for the fourth time to experience the charm of ice sports, and during the Spring Festival, there are many new faces on the ice rink.Ice rink human resources manager Gao Min introduced, now come to the skating children are zero foundation, is because of the winter Olympics report, want to experience the fun of real ice.The number of visitors to the stadium has increased by about 70% compared to normal times, at about 1,200 per day.More than 5,000 people made online reservations as soon as the venues of suzhou Olympic Sports Center reopened at around 1:00 PM on February 3. All venues for February 3 and 4 were fully booked.Suzhou Olympic Sports Center management Co., LTD. Chief duty zhang Hong introduced, feather hall from February 3 to the evening are full, basketball center is also full.The Winter Olympics ignited the passion for sports.(See Suzhou current politics special manuscript Wang Kang) Editor: Wu Hao