Traffic safety into the Lantern Festival riddles, “Lantern Festival” themed carriages on the streets of Qingdao

2022-04-29 0 By

As the Lantern Festival approaches, many bus lines of Qingdao City Transport Holding Bus Group Shibei Bus Company have created cultural carriages with the theme of “Making Lantern Festival in the New Year and guessing lantern riddles joyfully”.It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the traditional lantern riddles elements, traffic travel themes such as comical zebra crossings and civilized bus riddles are also integrated into them, and have been appearing on the streets of the island city since 13th, so that passengers can also be happy when taking buses “闹” Lantern Festival.In the morning of February 13, on a No.362 theme bus, colorful lanterns, red Chinese knots, beautiful paper-cuts…Step into the carriage, thick festival element comes into view.Beneath the lanterns, colorful sheets of paper are printed with different riddles, including idioms, poems, common objects and word puzzles.In addition, traffic safety questions such as “bus contraband” and “civilized riding” were also made into riddles by drivers for passengers to guess.Guess the right passengers can get a beautiful little gift in the year of the Tiger, the passengers on the train have enthusiastic participation, discussing riddles and answers, the carriage a lively scene.Zhang Peng, driver of Route 362, said the riddles on buses not only help more people feel the atmosphere of traditional festivals, but also promote comity and safety knowledge in a fun way.”Seeing the lantern riddles, the child was very excited and guessed several.”Ms. Gao said that such carriages are meaningful, guessing riddles to increase the fun of riding, but also let children learn a lot of knowledge.It is understood that in the Lantern Festival approaching, to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, the Qingdao city yun holding bus group shibei bus company in 2 road, 362 road, 367 road, 375 road were built more than the city’s streets, such as “New Year make yuanxiao, joy, guess lantern riddles” theme, make the general public in the process of the passengers on the bus can guess riddles, “alarm” yuanxiao,Have a happy and peaceful Lantern Festival.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter Xiao Fang report)