Wei Qiangyu, Deputy Manager of East Africa Regional Headquarters and Country Manager of Ethiopia Office of CCCC Group: “The last guarantee” of project rescue

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Running in the new journey of young state, pay a male bureau group third ten outstanding youth style author | “Chinese people” South China edit | Zhao Hanqi on January 1, 2022, pay a male bureau group in East Africa regional headquarters office more than country manager WeiQiang vice manager and Ethiopia,The New Year is coming again in Ethiopia, a horn of North Africa 7,000 kilometers away from home and five time zones apart.Wei Qiangyu is one of the “Top ten Outstanding Young People” of CCCC Group, which was just released. In the eyes of his colleagues, he deserves this honor.In the changing days of the Ethiopian project, Wei Qiangyu, who had been stationed abroad for 13 years, was like the “last guarantee” when the project encountered problems.In June 2020, “Sons and Daughters of China” conducted an exclusive interview with this veteran of overseas projects in the special report “Silk Road Style of CCCC Youth” of the “Most Beautiful Silk Road Youth Series Interview and Dissemination” activity.This time, we invite wei qiangyu’s colleagues to talk about their “General Wei”.”I am serious and responsible in my work, and I am meticulous in every work.With strong working ability, he can finish the work that others can finish more efficiently, and find ways to finish the work that others cannot.Selfless dedication, with their own time and energy, to do the best work “;”The project once encountered difficulties, and he led everyone to endure the situation”;”If there is something on everyone’s mind, he can always notice it and take the initiative to talk to everyone”;…A line of plain memory, like a line stroke in a painting, Outlines the image of Wei Qiangyu, who is far away from the motherland and struggling in the front line of the African project.Seemingly ordinary, but faintly shining;Seemingly calm, but with a brotherly understanding and warmth that outsiders can hardly observe.Ethiopia, an East African country, is an important country along the Belt and Road and a pilot and demonstration country for production capacity cooperation between China and Africa.China is Ethiopia’s largest trading partner, largest source of investment and largest project contractor.The fast-growing market requires overseas project developers to be versatile.Fu Lin, level 3 Business Manager of Market Investment and Development Department of East Africa Regional Headquarters, who arrived in 2018, knows this very well.Although they are not involved in the implementation of specific projects, except for the construction work, they need to keep close interaction with the project, follow up the project, evaluate the feasibility, formulate and implement the project plan, prepare the contract, check and approve the business terms, and implement the financing.For work reasons, fu Lin often followed Wei Qiangyu to hold meetings with owners when the project encountered bottlenecks or leaders needed to solve problems.In the process of following up the bidding project, he also worked with Wei Qiangyu when he needed to negotiate with the owner about professional issues such as design, quotation and construction organization.Fu Lin was often surprised by Wei qiangyu’s quick response and professionalism. “No matter what questions the owner, designer and supervisor ask, Wei can give answers in a short time, which is professional and practical, and the other party is also very satisfied.””One time, I couldn’t help but ask directly. No matter what questions the owner raised, you seemed to give the owner a straight answer without much thought. It was clear and well-worded, satisfying the owner.How can I be like you?”Fu Lin remembered wei qiangyu saying that he “also accumulated gradually”.In 2012, CCCC began to participate in the development of new business areas in addition to the traditional Ethiopian road market.At this time, Wei Qiangyu, who had been working in Ethiopia for four years and had completed his experience in MC projects in the remote northern part of Ethiopia, was transferred to Ethiopia office to engage in market development and customer relationship maintenance.At the beginning of his tenure, Wei Qiangyu was put on cold water by the leader who said, “Try it for three months, stay if you can do it well, change the place if you can’t”, which made him feel both pressure and motivation.After a period of time, Wei qiangyu read through each bidding clause, compared with the previous bidding materials, and constantly asked colleagues to learn and consult, and then completed the first bidding document.Read almost all the previous correspondence, compare each word, sentence pattern, revise again and again, write the first official letter;By referring to and searching for different materials, stay up late to learn and supplement new knowledge, and form the first feasibility study report;On the basis of reviewing the previous project contracts, I systematically combed and studied the contract clauses of FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and drew up the first draft of the contract…He describes it as a time of “stumbling,” learning how to “run,” turning unfamiliar tasks into everyday tasks.During the past ten years, Wei Qiangyu participated in or led almost all the projects developed by CCCC in Ethiopia.Although wei qiangyu has long since “staggered” to now calmly cope with, but has kept running state.Wei qiangyu often tells his colleagues, “Every field of new product development is a learning and improvement process.Business people need to do more than just procedural work, but also need to fundamentally understand the nature of the project, the scope of the work, the main risk control points, etc.”With the implementation and completion of a series of projects in Ethiopia by CCCC Group, CCCC Group is gradually accumulating talents, resources and implementation experience in many new fields in Ethiopia market.”Wei always said that he negotiated a lot with the owners for so many years, and the core of the negotiation with the owners is to seek common ground while reserving differences.It doesn’t matter if we have a different idea from the owner at the beginning, we need to understand what they want, offer a solution and ask them if they can accept it;We’ll see what they have in mind and see if it works. We’ll try to find a way out and reach an agreement.”Fu Lin, now the third-level business manager of market Investment and Development Department of East Africa Regional Headquarters of CCCC Group, increasingly thinks that these ideas and practices sound simple, but it is difficult to realize them, “but I will try to be like him”.▲ Wei Qiangyu (second from the right) attends the commencement ceremony of The Wenchi-Dendi Highway Project in Ethiopia, giving interviews to local radio and TELEVISION stations at the project site. “He showed rare patience, calmness and strong working ability.”Music fountain, cultural relief wall, soaring flower belt, artificial lake, art garden, palm gallery and other major landscapes present to the public.In his speech at the ceremony, Ethiopian President Sahel Walker said that friendship Square, a public leisure place, is worthy of Addis Ababa’s reputation and all Ethiopians are proud of it.The Friendship Square project in Segel Park is an important part of the green development project along the river bank of Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.From the early stage to the completion of the project, Wei qiangyu always closely connected with the progress of the project, never relaxed.Led the team to complete a total of more than 4.5 billion DOLLARS in new contracts, including traditional highway projects of about 1.66 billion dollars, emerging business areas including railway projects of 1.63 billion dollars, airport projects of 500 million dollars, housing construction projects of 279 million dollars, industrial park projects of 323 million dollars, urban complex projects of 139 million dollars…This is Wei Qiangyu’s “report card” for 13 years of working in Ethiopia.In addition, Wei said to himself, “The awe of work and the responsibility of the company is a responsibility, a dedication, an expectation for the achievements, and an explanation for his lost youth.”In the eyes of his colleagues, behind every figure is Mr. Wei’s overwork day after day and extremely high requirements for development work, which is a heart of continuous learning, continuous work and continuous progress.Hu Liyong, deputy manager of market Investment and Development Department of East Africa Regional Headquarters, has been in Ethiopia for eight years. Together with Wei Qiangyu, he has negotiated and developed a series of projects such as Bole Airport project, riverbank greening reconstruction project and Revolution Square project.In the bid negotiation, we encountered many problems and difficulties in terms of project contract, project scope and fund implementation.Every time there is a problem, Wei qiangyu will thoroughly study the problem, no matter the engineering content or contract terms, and then calmly and carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each item before negotiating, so as to maximize the company’s interests.”He showed patience, calmness and a great capacity for work that few others have.”Hu liyong said.”Capable, responsible, responsible, reliable…I think this is not only my personal impression of Wei Qiangyu, the East Africa region and overseas Business Division, when his name is mentioned, people’s first feelings should be like this.”Working with Wei Qiangyu for eight years, Hu Liyong has accumulated a lot of details in his mind. “The most impressive thing is that he basically works overtime in the office every night and works overtime until very late, which is really difficult for ordinary people to do.”Under the night, the lighted window in Wei Qiangyu’s office was also a fixed picture in his colleague Fu Lin’s mind.In his memory, when he first started working in the East Africa regional headquarters, he did not do much. After work, he often went to the nearby cafe for a cup of coffee or went to the local restaurant for dinner.Every time I pass by the company’s office building when I go back to the dormitory, the lights in the whole building are black, except for the light in Mr. Wei’s office.”At first, I thought Wei might have been busy and had to work overtime.Later I found that whenever I passed the building at night, the lights in Wei’s general office were on.”After asking the senior employees, Fu Lin found out that “our working hours are morning and afternoon, but Mr. Wei’s working hours include evening.” “I have been working in the company for more than three years, the number of times Mr. Wei and us go off work normally seems to be in single digits.”Ma Teng, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of East Africa regional headquarters of CCCC Group, who lived on the same floor with Wei, said that Wei was always the last one to go back to his dormitory in the early morning. “He is a workaholic, and he is also the last one to have lunch at noon.”▲ Wei Qiangyu (second from the right) inspected the fence and monitoring system project of the Federal Police Station with the Deputy Director of the Federal Police Station of Ethiopia and solved on-site problems. “Only through constant hardships can life shine.”Fu Lin remembered that wei Qiangyu was very busy on the first day when he arrived at the Ethiopian company. He went out to do business in the morning, but after coming back in the afternoon, he immediately called him and another new employee to the office and asked them about their basic information, including the school they graduated from and why they chose to go abroad.”General Manager Wei introduced the basic situation of Ethiopia at that time, the responsibilities of the department and daily work.The next day, he organized a training meeting for the department to introduce the basic situation of market development in Ethiopia in detail, show the previous development achievements, focus on the problems encountered in development and solutions, as well as the basic qualities that market developers must have, and how to improve these qualities and abilities.”Fu Lin started his overseas work with such warmth and care.Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, it has been difficult for overseas employees to take regular vacations. Wei and most of his colleagues have not returned to China for two years.When they were upset or confused, Wei was always their rock.”We would talk to Wei and he would tell us stories about working overseas and how he dealt with similar emotions,” fu said.We can always feel the care and strength wei gives us in his stories.”Wei is rarely seen to be agitated or anxious.In Fu Lin’s opinion, wei qiangyu may be tired and taciturn “under pressure”.Ma teng judged that he saw Wei Qiangyu “working out hard in the gym alone for several times, probably when he was in a low mood”.Wei Qiangyu said that when he is under great pressure, he will empty himself;If I have time, I just want to have a good sleep, adjust myself, and then deal with difficult things.But in the front line, there is no such spare time for him.Therefore, wei often went to the pool in the office building to wash his hair and face with cold water when his colleagues came back from difficult negotiations or faced with difficult problems. He “forced” himself to relieve the tension quickly, then thought about the problems and proposed solutions.Mr. Matten said that Mr. Wei often negotiated with different owners several times a day during the project, and that “his hair was always wet, as if it never dried.”His colleagues understand him, but he still prefers to deal with it alone and is always positive and cheerful in front of everyone.Wei qiangyu said, “This is the original aspiration and mission of our generation of international engineers.”Ma Teng sees the inspiration of this watch and responsibility: “Wei Qiangyu is a role model for everyone.Personal value enhancement requires hard work and is closely linked to the needs of the country.Only through constant suffering can life shine.”