World of Catapult: Complete the ultra dark Karazhan 1 minute disc of Prince Without light

2022-04-29 0 By

Author: NGA- Falling wing shadow first to ridicule the drop rate of this pit dad, originally wanted to fall pure graduation, brush 2000 yuan, 10 sticks, 3 forks and 1 book.Because the two trumpets did not have the prince of light, so step by step optimization, tried a lot of forging stone, Fern and Gerard, female rider are not ideal, finally with the song Ji optimization of the three prince of light.Because the survival has become worse, there is a certain rollover rate, we leave it to further optimize.Note: Team 2 had better manually release the light bounce skill at 8C, otherwise there is a high probability of not being able to kick the second life (just pull down the screen, no need to switch the manual mode).Team geji is equipped with dark double sword beads, it is better to change the weapon to the magic beads (because my tuba actually has the prince of light, so Geji just tried the feasibility, the screenshot is played by Geji).Kira skill level 3 for team 1 and Full level for team 2.If team 3 does not have a super wind book, each of the two weapons will require 1 charge book.