Forgotten Snapdragon 8Gen1 flagship, 144Hz screen +68W quick charge +60MP front, only 2999 yuan

2022-04-30 0 By

Although now only in February, but manufacturers are basic launched its new flagship, 8 gen1 Xiao dragon though is a “chip”, but it is no other choice, when the bad is bad, however, the processor may not satisfactory, but the flagship machine, after all, is the flagship machine, other aspects of the machine performance will certainly than in the end, one thousand yuan machine is better,Therefore, users with extreme needs, or only consider the most high-end products, today we will talk about a forgotten Snapdragon Gen1 flagship, it is MOTOROLA Edge X30.Last year, this year MOTOROLA has dark horse potentials, starting Xiao dragon in early 870, started late 8 gen1 Xiao dragon, but shortly after the new appearance, millet is published 12 series of millet, suddenly took all the heat, and MOTOROLA and behind lenovo, anecdotal reputation and impression is not very good, you are not interested in it,But back to the product itself, MOTOROLA Edge X30 has a very high cost performance, its price is only 2999 yuan starting, it is currently the cheapest snapdragon 8Gen1 model.In terms of configuration, MOTOROLA EDGE X30 is not too top-notch, but it basically achieves bucket level. It adopts 6.8-inch OLED screen, supports 144Hz refresh rate, and has a normal display effect. The body has a 5000mAh battery, and the fast charging power reaches 68W, which is the fastest and currently first-class MOTOROLA mobile phone.Equipped with Z axis motor, coupled with stereo double speakers, audio and video experience is satisfactory, the system is more screen smooth even and memory expansion and other functions, compared with friends are simple, but fluency greatly improved.Taking photos is one of its selling points. The front lens has 60 megapixels, which should be one of the strongest selfie effects at present. The back lens has a combination of 50 megapixels, 50 megapixels, and 2 megapixels of depth of field.After all, the previous generation of products are equipped with the submersion telephoto, this wave of shrinkage is really not appropriate, fortunately, friends of the new phone seems to be the same, it is estimated that we agreed in 2022 not to fight telephoto lens.As a high-end flagship, The MOTOROLA Edge X30 does not disappoint. It weighs 194G and is only 8.49mm thick. The size control is reasonable.If the frame can be changed to metal material that would be a knockout, but in the price of 2999 yuan, I can accept it with plastic, do not know what you think, welcome to leave a message.