I never regret meeting you, no matter how painful it is

2022-04-30 0 By

Miss you, really don’t need a reason, it is just a feeling, at any time BY my unprepared, will climb into my mind, straight to my heart.Miss you, really do not need a reason, it is just a feeling, always thinking about your body, worried about your safety.Miss you, really do not need an excuse, it is just a feeling, silently caring, silent wishes, just hope you have a better than me.When missing has become a habit, I can no longer get it out of my body, because it has become a part of my body.Never regret meeting you?Never wanted to erase you from my memory?And your acquaintance, is one of the most beautiful things in my life, I want to put you forever brand in my heart, until MY gray hair, the end of life that moment!No stars in the night, perhaps the wind lost the stars;No fragrance of the night, perhaps the rain knocked the flowers down.The night without you, when you think of me, is when I think of you most.