36-year-old woman has 10 children in 15 years: She can’t stop having more

2022-05-01 0 By

The world is full of wonders.A 36-year-old Indonesian woman has fathered 10 children in 15 years.She said she originally wanted to have four children, but would continue to do so. Now she is aiming for 12.Melissa Abdul-Malek, 36, from Indonesia, and her husband Mohad Azima Abed, 37, had been married for 16 years and only planned to have four children when they got married.Over the next 15 years, they had 10 children together.Their children range from 15 to 6 months old.”We have 10 kids right now and we’re planning to have 12,” Melissa said.”Taking care of 10 kids is not easy, but we are happy,” Melissa said.She said she and her husband had nannies to take care of her children while they worked.Early in her marriage, Melissa was a homemaker and her husband worked in a factory.The couple started their own business in 2010 and now run a children’s clothing business.So they don’t have to worry about clothes for their children.Melissa says she has no problem managing a large family because she, too, comes from a family of nine siblings.Her husband, who is from Song Khe, Perak, has four siblings, including twins.On family outings, strangers often ask if some of the children are their nephews or nieces.”A lot of people are shocked when I tell them these are my children,” Melissa said with a laugh.