Automobile maintenance common mistakes inventory

2022-05-01 0 By

Add the car equipment need to be careful many years ago the owner of the love in the car with all sorts of equipment, there are a lot of will also be involved in circuit, want to know the circuit problem when car spontaneous combustion is an important reason, so for the electrical things must be careful on the road, one thousand improper operation caused the leakage, so it may lead to car spontaneous combustion accident.Do not wash the car in the hot sun under the hot sun wash the car paint is very hurt, because the water droplets in the sun to form a convex lens effect, so that the top layer of the car paint local high temperature phenomenon, a long time, the car paint will lose luster.If waxing at this time, it will also cause uneven color and lustre.So the car wash wax should be in covered conditions, or choose in the cloudy or sunny morning, evening.Water tank “boiling pot” do not rush to meet the phenomenon of boiling water should stop immediately, let the car idle for a period of time, after the cooling water temperature is reduced, and then the engine flameout.When adding cooling water, it should be added slowly. If it is added too fast, it is easy to cause water tank cracking.Cars often need to use a long time without cars, the surface of the engine and gearbox and other transmission parts will rust because they are often in direct contact with the air, so we must pay attention to the timely drive out to run, so that the car sports.Long-term short-haul car is also easy to hurt the car, because the car did not start once will consume a certain amount of power, battery power needs to be in the engine at the right speed at a constant speed of 30 minutes or so to make up, if the long-term in a state of deficit, then it will shorten its service life, so it should be appropriate to run long distance.So for things involving the car, the owner of the moment can not be careless, only to pay attention to the details that others did not notice, then the life of the car will be more long, the glitches will be less.