Camilla, wife of Britain’s Prince Charles, positive

2022-05-01 0 By

The Novel Coronavirus test on Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles of the United Kingdom, has tested positive for COVID-19, Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported Tuesday.Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, is quarantining himself as he has tested positive for novel Coronavirus, the Royal Household said in a statement on social media on February 10. This is his second positive novel Coronavirus test.British media, citing royal sources, reported that Charles had received three doses of COVID-19 vaccine.British media reported that Charles and His wife attended a reception in the British Museum on The evening of 9, including some government dignitaries.Charles, now 73, had a mild infection of novel Coronavirus in March 2020.All novel Coronavirus positive persons in England are required to self-quarantine for at least five days under current UK quarantine regulations.However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in the House of Commons on Tuesday that he plans to end all remaining quarantine measures in England, including the self-quarantine requirement, by late February ahead of schedule.Editor Zhao Xixin Jing source: Overseas network CCTV news client Xinhua News Agency on duty editor WU Yanzu