Going after Taiwan?The United States and Japan suddenly did a stupid thing, my ministry of National Defense put down a tough word

2022-05-01 0 By

Seeing the Beijing Winter Olympics is about to be held, the United States in the Beijing Winter Olympics strategy completely failed.China’s ministry of National Defense has issued a blunt warning to Us and Japanese politicians over the us’s recent move to enlist its ally Japan in a foolish attempt to invade Taiwan.Us politicians have done everything they can to discredit the Beijing Winter Olympics.Some U.S. politicians, including Pelosi, have been calling for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics since Last May.In early December, Biden said he would boycott the Games.But Russian President Vladimir Putin, a staunch ally of China, was the first to say he would attend the Beijing Olympics and start his own trip to China.Following Putin’s announcement, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and other heads of state said they would attend the Beijing Winter Olympics.The prime Minister of Mongolia, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the Princess of Thailand, the heads of five Central Asian countries and the Prime Minister of Pakistan are among the international dignitaries confirmed to attend the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Even the United States has gone back on its word, submitting visa applications for more than 40 of its officials so that they can attend the Beijing Winter Olympics on time.It is now clear that the US plot against the Beijing Winter Olympics has been a complete failure, yet just before the Olympics, the US has pulled another stupid stunt with Japan, targeting Taiwan.Japan recently held a “2+2” online meeting with foreign and defense ministers from Australia and the United States.Australia and Japan have always been following the lead of the US, and the two “2+2 talks” naturally cannot be held without China. In particular, the “2+2 talks” between the US and Japan kept hyping up the so-called “China threat theory”. The hyping up of the Taiwan Straits issue by the two countries made the situation across the Taiwan Strait more tense.The Tsai Ing-wen administration also seems to have received the “wrong” signals from the United States and Japan.At a recent high-level meeting, Tsai ing-wen made clear her sympathy with Ukraine and warned Russia “not to use force against Ukraine.”After apparently thinking she was on America’s lap, Tsai ing-wen began to drift.China’s defense Ministry has issued a blunt warning to the United States and Japan in the face of a series of provocations by the two countries colluding with “Taiwan independence” activists.On the eve of the Spring Festival, Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, made it clear that “the deeper the U.S. and Japan get involved in the Taiwan issue, the more painful it will be in the future.””Taiwan is a part of China.The Taiwan question is purely China’s internal affairs and Brooks no outside interference “.With the Upcoming Beijing Winter Olympic Games, China is also facing a moment of glory in its diplomacy.At this time, China has once again made clear to the world that the one-china principle is the bottom line for any country’s dealings with China and should not be trampled on.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu