Hold the sun and moon pick the stars!Emperor Zhan holds the sun to claim the son of God, net friend: hint black eight sun

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James Harden, the Nets, and the Philadelphia 76ers May have reached an agreement to complete a crazy move.But while the nation has been rocked by Harden’s trade news, James is unfazed on the other side.Ignoring the rumors and the possible breakup of his biggest threat, Lebron took to His Instagram today to post an update on lebron comparing himself to the Son of the Sun.James posted a funny picture of himself on the roof of his yard today, which shows him in a particularly skewed position, holding the sun in the palm of his hand as he reaches for it.Emperor Zhan made such an action, holding the sun with both fingers, as if holding the sun and moon and reaching for the stars, and added a sentence: “The day of God, the son of God.”Lebron added a smiley face, a crown and an emoji of hands clasped in prayer.Obviously, lebron is very confident now, although the lakers lost all the way, but he is comfortable with the name of the son of God belongs to him.And because of God’s place in Western culture, James already thought of himself as number two, even holding the sun in his hand.He even shows a willingness to crush the sun, which is the most direct reference to his Thanos nickname.James does look a little bit like Thanos, and the way he plays is exactly the same as Thanos. A lot of people even for the last 20 years, everyone in the league looked at him as a villain, but no one could fight him, and watch him dominate the era and create his dynasty.James has embraced his role as the villain, proving that they can’t beat him and that he has the SUNS in his own hands.He didn’t care about the other deals, the Harden deal, and he was adamant that his team was the first favorite to win a championship as long as they were fully staffed.The lakers are ninth in the Western Conference and eighth at best if they win the playoffs, while the SUNS are first in the league and have a very good chance of a first-round matchup with the SUNS.So James’ attitude meant he was going to take the SUNS, and the SUNS won with revenge, which could be a big hint from James.