The dunk contest is here!The rockets no. 2 said, “Just wait and see. You won’t be disappointed.

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There is no doubt that the dunk contest is one of the most anticipated events during NBA All-Star weekend every year.Many players also want to use this stage to increase their exposure.This year, four players participated in the contest during all-star Weekend in Cleveland.Jaylen Green, the no. 2 overall pick from the Rockets, is the only rookie on the list, while Orlando Magic sophomore Carmelo Anthony and Knicks’ Obi Topin will also make appearances, and Golden State Warriors’ Toscano Anderson is the longest serving NBA player among the participants.Of the four players competing, topin already has one more experience than the other three and has the advantage in terms of height and build (2.06 m, 100KG).Topin, who finished second to Portland’s Anfani Simmons in last year’s All-Star dunk contest, earned just one less point from the judges in the preliminary round before losing in the finals.Topin has the potential to make the most of his size, but height and strength are never the only factors that determine the winner of the dunk contest.In recent years, Mitchell, Diallo and Simmons have all won the dunk contest as small or slender.Carmelo Anthony and Jaylen Green are 5 ‘6 “and 6’ 6” respectively, but they can still make some powerful dunks, and because of the difficulty of their height, creative dunks get better ratings.Anderson is more of a dark horse because he doesn’t get to play as often as the other three players and has a smaller sample of actual dunks.Dunk contest winners are never guaranteed to be major players, and the aforementioned Diallo, Simmons and Jones Jr. have yet to make significant contributions to their parent teams when they win championships.Topin’s experience in the 2021 dunk Contest should play a role in how he approaches the event, and he can come up with more creative dunks to impress the judges.And he may have some extra motivation to win because he went to college in Cleveland, for the University of Dayton.Anderson’s dunks in the game are sparse but impressive, Jaylen Green’s jump is known and will probably catch people’s eye, and Carmelo Anthony is an explosive guard who can jump up and down, but it’s mostly the scoring and passing that makes dunks the most elusive.Here’s a prediction: Topin could be the dunk champion, followed by Jaylen Green, Anderson and Carmelo Anthony.When asked what he would do in the dunk contest, Green said, “You’ll just have to wait and see. I won’t let you down.”