The men’s soccer team earns 300 million yuan a year, while the women’s soccer team has few sponsors

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China women’s football team has won the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years.How to reward the women’s soccer girl, the Internet users worried broken heart.Mengniu Dairy, the official partner of the Chinese Football Association’s China Team, announced a cash award of 10 million yuan to the Chinese women’s soccer team.Alipay announced a 13 million yuan bonus for the women’s soccer team, including 10 million yuan for the team and 3 million yuan for the coaching team.In addition, the Chinese women’s football team will receive a $1 million reward for winning the Asian Cup.But the Chinese women’s soccer team is far less profitable than the men’s team, which has repeatedly lost.”Women’s football does have some commercial disadvantages compared to men’s football.”On February 7, Jia Leshi, general manager of Guangxi Pingguo Binong Football Club, said in an interview with Times weekly that the commercial development of women’s football has been affected by factors such as fan market, competition and appreciation.Zhou Yi, a professor from Guangzhou Sports Institute, pointed out to times that women’s professional clubs face many challenges as men’s professional clubs do.”The attention and maturity of the market directly affects the investment of the club.The issue of employment and entrepreneurship for retired professional football players, especially for women, cannot be ignored.”Zhou Yi said.Since winning the silver medal in the 1996 Olympic Games, The Chinese women’s football team has gained a reputation as the “Sonorous Rose”.In contrast, Chinese men’s football has not been outstanding in recent years, but it is still the focus of the public.Whenever there is an important match, Chinese men’s football team is bound to be the focus of the topic, and its ability to “draw money” is far more than that of women’s football team.Sports events and teams often have a variety of sponsorship needs. According to the different partnership and sponsorship amount, sponsors can be divided into senior partners, partners, global sponsors, exclusive suppliers, suppliers and so on.Currently, Team China has a total of 10 partners, including two official senior partners Nike and Ping An;Two official partners, Mengniu and China Immunity Group;Official drinking water partner Ippo;Official photo partner IC Photo;Official suppliers: Xiaoqin sea cucumber, SPORT READY, Penglai Pharmaceutical;Official formalwear partner Heilan House.Industry insiders said that the Chinese team includes men’s, women’s and youth football. “The sponsorship fee of The Chinese women’s football team is not very high, and the investment effect is not very good. There are not many enterprises that really invest in women’s football.”The number of sponsors is a direct indication of the ability of events and teams to “earn” money.In 2015, before the preliminary round of the World Cup, the Chinese Football Association made an open tender on its official website to find business partners for the Chinese team.It is indicated in the bidding notice for business cooperation that the cooperation price of the main sponsor shall not be less than 50 million yuan per year, the cooperation price of the official sponsor shall be at least 20 million yuan per year, and the cooperation price of the official supplier shall not be less than 10 million yuan per year.In 2016, The Chinese men’s football team entered the World Preliminary Round of the Final 12 of the Asian Region, and a series of sponsors have established cooperative relations with the National football team.Ping An of China has become an official financial sponsor of the China Team, and even launched a “golden leg” insurance policy for the national team ahead of the round of 12, sparking heated discussion.The LEAGUE has as many as 15 sponsors, including official title sponsor China Taiping and official partners Nike, SAIC Motor and Laoshan Beer.According to time Weekly, the contract between China Super League and Nike with a total price of over $200 million should have expired in 2019, but in 2018, China Super League renewed its contract with Nike for 10 years. The new contract sponsorship is 800 million yuan in cash + 2.2 billion yuan in product sponsorship, a total of 3 billion yuan.Research data from the China Business Industry Research Institute shows that in 2020, the total sponsorship amount of the Chinese Super League reached 308 million yuan, covering 13 industries.According to the iResearch report, CSL is the most influential professional football match in China. With overseas broadcast coverage and the largest number of fans watching matches in China and through media channels, CSL has become the preferred domestic football marketing platform for advertisers with sufficient budgets.On the other hand, women’s super, the situation is not optimistic.According to the Official website of the Chinese Football Association, the women’s Super League has only five sponsors.However, most women’s football clubs only have official microblogs instead of independent official websites, so the degree of commercialization and marketization urgently needs to be improved.The Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal, the whole country is excited, many netizens also for the women’s football team “injustice”, said “to increase the money for the women’s football team”, called the sponsors collectively “roll up”.Jia Lei shi analysis, “the women’s football fan group itself is small.Two or three or four thousand people at a club game are not bad.This is also related to whether the club attaches importance to the development of the fan base.Second, women’s football itself is less competitive and enjoyable than men’s football, which is also a factor affecting the commercial development of women’s football.”It is worth noting that men’s football is more commercially developed than women’s football, but that does not mean it has fully integrated with the international arena.Tianfeng Securities research report points out that the income of sports events in China mainly comes from sponsorship, while the income of foreign sports events mainly comes from ticket, derivative and broadcast rights transfer.In terms of the relatively mature sports event operation projects in the world, in the sports event income of English Premier League, NBA, NFL and Wimbledon, ticket and derivative income and broadcast rights transfer income account for 70%, 84%, 86% and 65% respectively.Will winning a title boost the commercial value of women’s football?Globally, the commercial performance of Chinese women’s soccer continues to be excellent.In May 2021, FIFA released a report revealing the income of women’s football clubs around the world.According to the report, the average annual income of women’s soccer clubs worldwide is $500,000, while the average annual income of Women’s soccer clubs in China is $1.1 million, which comes from sponsors, associations, tournaments and other sources.Among them, sponsors accounted for 42% and associations accounted for 26%, the main source of income for women’s football clubs.This also caused many people to Chinese women’s football high income guess.Women’s defender Li Jiayue once released a video to introduce the income of women’s soccer players.The women’s soccer team’s income is divided into fixed salary and match bonus, similar to the “basic salary plus performance” system for white-collar workers, she said.”It’s hard to make a million or even 10 million a year unless you’re a top star or all of China is famous.”Li Jiayue said.Li jiayue said that she earned 800 yuan a month as a substitute in the club, which was raised to 3,000 yuan a month when she became the main force of the national team, and another 2,000 yuan when she became the main force of the national team. She did not earn more than 10,000 yuan (about 20,000 yuan) a month until she moved to South Korea.”That was six or seven years ago. Now a girl who just started a professional team can earn five or six thousand yuan a month as a substitute.””She added.Compared with the men’s teams, who have to rely on salary caps to limit their sky-high earnings, women’s players, who train almost the same daily, earn far less.”There are only 36 teams, including the women’s Super League, Women’s League A and women’s League B. Without government support, there would have been even fewer.””It’s difficult to run a club with corporate sponsorship and self-financing, but with government investment, women’s clubs are more stable, so you can see that the strong teams are always the strong teams,” said Jaresh.”Winning the title has had a positive impact on women’s football, but the extent of the impact is still limited.””Without the long-term support of fans, buying tickets or paying online to watch daily matches, buying jerseys and club accessories, women’s football, which has attracted attention in a short period of time, will soon fade into silence again,” said Gareth.Cultivating the women’s soccer market is not easy.”China’s football population is small,” Zhou told The Times. “Football is not a way of life for Chinese people. It is just a job for employment and survival.”Zhou yi believes that the market for professional soccer is cultivated, not designed.The FIFA study concluded that the level of a country’s football does not depend on the amount of money invested, nor does it depend on the number of football population, but on the level of football culture and national education of the country.