“The wind of gold” should stop!Three departments: strike gold and silver foil powder for food!Reporter investigation discovers net still has sell “gold content” become selling point

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Peninsula media reporter Wang Yuan sprinkled with gold foil cakes, dotted with gold foil ice cream, soaked in gold foil drinks…In recent years, edible gold foil, silver foil in the field of food set off a “wind of eating gold”, and in the future, the production and operation of this “gold food” are illegal!Peninsula on February 10, all media reporter learns from Qingdao market regulator, recently, total bureau of national market regulation, national health committee, the General Administration of Customs issued “on the production and operation of laws and regulations and tinsel powder food containing illegal notice (hereinafter referred to as the” notice “), specific tinsel powder is not food additives,No food production or marketing entity may purchase, use, produce or sell meals containing gold and silver foil powder;The online trading platform will be removed from the shelves in accordance with the law, and the sales of imported products will be stopped immediately.Illegal acts of falsely advertising the edible gold and silver foil powder shall be severely punished.Strike hard!It is clear in the Notice that according to provisions of China’s food safety laws and regulations and food safety standards, gold (silver) foil gold (silver) powder substances (hereinafter referred to as gold and silver foil powder) are not food additives and cannot be used in food production and operation.The notice requires market regulators at all levels to strictly supervise food safety. “Food producers are not allowed to purchase and use gold and silver foil powder to produce and process food, food sellers are not allowed to purchase and sell food containing gold and silver foil powder, and catering service providers are not allowed to produce and sell meals containing gold and silver foil powder.”Customs departments at all levels should strictly monitor the safety of imported food. Food importers are not allowed to import food containing gold and silver foil powder, and those already imported should immediately stop selling.The notice calls for strict supervision of online transactions, strengthening qualification verification of operators on the platform, and forbidding operators from selling food containing gold and silver foil powder.Strengthen the monitoring of online trading of “food containing gold and silver foil powder” and “edible gold and silver foil powder”, and timely urge online trading platforms to take disposal measures such as taking down shelves according to law.Illegal!Resolutely curb the “king of the wind” stressed that the “notice” strict advertising regulation, market supervision departments at all levels to severely crack down on food with tinsel powder as the stunt to promote luxuries such as hedonism, money worship against social good fashion advertising behavior, strictly in accordance with the law to investigate and punish add tinsel propaganda food powder has health care function, treatment efficacy and false illegal advertisement, etc.To crack down on illegal acts, all relevant departments should strengthen law enforcement, crack down on illegal acts of producing and operating food containing gold and silver foil powder, crack down on illegal acts of falsely advertising gold and silver foil powder as edible, and crack down on illegal acts of importing food containing gold and silver foil powder.Once relevant illegal acts are confirmed, they will be dealt with strictly and promptly in accordance with the law.Anyone suspected of committing a crime shall be transferred to a public security organ for criminal responsibility according to law.The circular also encourages people from all walks of life to supervise, unblock channels for complaints and reports, actively create a favorable consumer environment, and resolutely curb the trend of “eating gold”.Reporter investigation: online sale, “edible” “gold content” is the selling point access to information is not difficult to know, “food gold” has been in China since ancient times, but more for the use of medicine.”Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Eating gold, suppress the spirit, strengthen the bone marrow, tongli five viscera evil spirit, serving the gods.Especially with gold foil into pills, broken air conditioning, in addition to the wind.In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, the trend of “eating gold” is prevalent in the field of gourmet food.Interviewed consumers to peninsula all media reporters said that in pastry dessert, ice cream, western food and other consumption scenes, there is a common ornament and decoration of gold foil.And in health porridge, delicate meals, gold foil, silver foil has become a health regimen, beauty “pronoun”, female consumers said that “feel very grade”.Male consumers said that the addition of gold and silver foil in drinks, drinks and banquets would inevitably be expensive, and the significance would also go beyond beauty, “becoming a symbol of taste and consumption power”.On February 10, when a reporter typed in keywords such as “edible gold foil”, “cake decoration gold foil” and “gold foil food” on an online shopping platform, “no search results” were displayed, indicating that the regulatory effect of the notice on online trading platforms “prohibited sales” and “removed from shelves according to law” had already appeared.Subsequently, the reporter input “edible gold” for fuzzy search, found that there are still shops in the sale of gold foil.At a food store, 25 pieces of 8*8cm gold foil are priced at 185.9 yuan, while 100 pieces of 9.33*9.33cm gold foil are priced at 884 yuan. The store highlighted edible, 99 percent gold content and 99 real gold as the most eye-catching selling points and showed relevant test reports.In a gold foil flagship store with an address in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, the price of 1g genuine gold flakes is 540 YUAN, the price of 1g24K pure gold flakes is 445 yuan, and the price of 1g18K pure gold flakes is 400 yuan. In the product details, the use scenarios of cakes, drinks and meals with gold flakes are displayed in the form of pictures.At another snack shop, 100 pieces of gold foil in the size of 10.9*10.9cm are priced at 1,807.07 yuan, while 500 pieces of gold foil in the size of 9.33*9.33cm are priced at 5108.2 yuan, with the labels “edible” and “98% gold content”.Reporters also noted that many gold foil sales shops also marked “not edible”.Most gold foil sales shops in the “use”, marked decoration materials, crafts, beauty, decoration, etc.It is also understood that in foreign countries, edible gold foil is widely used. In 1983, the Codex Committee on Food Additives of the World Health Organization listed gold in the category of food additives, which can be used as pigment.But in China, there has never been a relevant standard to allow the use of gold as a food additive.