– The new Yasuo wind wall has been changed?A lot of skills won’t get in the way

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently, there is a lot of feedback from yasuo players, after the update of the version of Yasuo’s wind wall seems to have been changed, many skills can not block.First look at the description of the wind wall: the wind barrier, a wall of air lasting 4 seconds, to block enemy flying items.Width:320/390/460530/600 Zoey’s bubble can easily pass through the wind wall and hit the R of Yasso’s barrel. When it hits the wind wall, it can blow through the Q center of Yasso’s barrel. It can get stuck in the wind wall and still eat the drag of the decelerating crow when it explodesThe second Q wind wall can’t stop Jace’s cannon at close range EQ, nor can the wind wall stop the long distance Q that can sing Ji, Lilia’s long distance night swing, the control of glacier growth, etc., the wind wall can’t stop.However, this scene only takes damage when Yasso is very close to the wind wall, it is safe to compress far away from the wind wall.It is not clear how this mechanism is triggered.It seems that Yasuo or unreliable, the wind of the man can be happy up?