USA ahead of China, Winter Olympics MEDALS updated!China no.1 in Asia, goodbye Japan, goodbye Korea

2022-05-01 0 By

Gu Ailing, 18, and Su Yiming, 17, won a gold and a silver medal in the skiing events at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.For this, China’s medal total is also updated in time, came to 6 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze, ranking from February 14 in the 7th, up to the current stage of the 5th, up two places, infinitely close to the United States.At present, The Chinese team has 6 gold MEDALS in the account, and Austria, the Netherlands is parallel, it is worth noting that the Chinese team this 6 gold MEDALS, are to create history to win, the past has never won the title in these 6 projects, now, the Chinese team have done, achieve a major breakthrough.Wang Meng won three gold MEDALS at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, which boosted China’s total number of gold MEDALS.This time, The Chinese team has already won three gold and three silver MEDALS in skiing alone, with a new event winning gold and directly putting the Chinese team at the top of the medal table.At present, The Chinese team’s achievements are 6 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze, ranking the fifth, only next to Norway, Germany, the United States and Austria, China’s team is only 1 gold and 2 gold respectively behind the United States and Germany, I believe there is a chance to complete the following surpass.China still has a chance to win MEDALS in short track speed skating, speed skating, figure skating and halfpipe freestyle skiing.In particular, Gu is the favorite to win the halfpipe freestyle skiing event, which means the Chinese team hopes to reach seven golds and have a further chance to make history.On the other hand, The Chinese team is currently the only one ranked in the top ten MEDALS, so the Chinese team is in the first position in Asia, and occupy an absolute advantage, the result of 6 gold MEDALS is the best in the whole Winter Olympic Games.By comparison, Japan has two gold MEDALS, four silver MEDALS and six bronze MEDALS, while South Korea has only one gold, three silver MEDALS and one bronze medal. Combined, Japan and South Korea have three gold MEDALS, which is only half of China’s total.Being able to participate in the Winter Olympic Games as the face of Asian countries reflects the progress of China’s snow and ice sports. Different from the summer Olympic Games, which have many events, the Winter Olympic Games have fewer events and the economic input of snow and ice sports is more. In the past decades, The Development of China’s snow and ice sports is not good.But now, China’s ice and snow sports continue to progress, and China’s economy in the past two decades, the Chinese ice and snow sports team, will officially become a force that can not be ignored in the world, the Chinese team is expected to use the Beijing Winter Olympics to establish a future in the world ice and snow field.(Lin Xiaoshi)