What functions does the library management software have?Can bookstore competitiveness be improved?

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The New Year new atmosphere, I believe that many bookstore friends also began to plan a new management policy.Here xiaobian would like to recommend to you the book management software this digital management artifact, can let the management experience upgrade, the future operation of the bookstore is more convenient.What is library management software?Book management software is a kind of ERP management software used by bookstores. It can digitize and intellectualize the business processes of bookstores, and connect them closely to achieve more efficient and convenient management.It can effectively manage the daily purchase, sales and inventory of the bookstore, and provide managers with rich management functions and decision-making basis through various accurate statements and big data functions, so as to improve the management level and core competitiveness of the bookstore.1. Data management through intelligent equipment quickly and accurately input goods, and can be for suppliers, customers, employees, warehouse and other basic parameters of a variety of Settings, and can quickly search the inventory situation, to provide cashier efficiency.Permission management can be defined by job group, layer, and level.2. Purchasing management can effectively reduce inventory overstocking, improve the circulation rate of books in bookstores and save inventory costs scientifically by promoting the purchasing concept through the market.3. Retail management has a variety of promotion methods and supports non-code sales function, which can provide a strong bundle combination sales plan for diversified bookstores.4. Inventory management Scientific and fast inventory counting function supports inventory counting without stopping, which is much more efficient and accurate than traditional manual statistics. It can reduce inventory time and realize real-time inventory monitoring with powerful inventory warning function.5. Member management Supports daily comprehensive management of physical membership card and electronic membership card, and personalized push can be carried out through electronic members, accurate push of promotional information to members, to achieve the effect of promotion and expansion of customers.6. Logistics management receipt and distribution support to receive goods according to the order, while receiving and grading management.Receiving support error handling, provide rich print format reports.Support RF gun command receiving.7. Wholesale management is equipped with the function of checking customers’ reservations, and supports direct delivery of orders to customers. It can also query the wholesale history of customers’ current categories with one click, improve the accuracy and convenience of wholesale related business management, and print more diversified reports in format.8. Financial management Business data and financial data are highly integrated, and business analysis, business analysis, business documents, business statements, etc., are closely linked with financial monitoring.9. Customer management can clearly view the historical transaction data of customers, and set the classification of customers according to various parameters, which is convenient for daily search and management.10. Statement management Various types of statements to meet the needs of bookstore business development, in addition to the basic purchase, sales and stock and financial statements, but also to provide wholesale salesman, suppliers, customer consumption, store efficiency, store efficiency, logistics, performance assessment and other statements, improve the efficiency of bookstore management.Of course, there are many kinds of books management software on the market. Part of the function mentioned above is the basic function of the software. In addition to some poor free books management software, normal will have it.But there are also a part of the function is the need for software suppliers to develop real features, so how to choose books management software?Xiaobian suggests that we choose a strong function, it is best to have a diversified management function, but also to achieve the modular configuration of the book management software.In this way, we can increase and decrease functions according to our own needs, and make the most suitable scheme for our bookstore, with the least investment and the greatest benefit.