Winter Jasmine flower market beautifies Wuhan

2022-05-01 0 By

“ · China Hubei” is a professional platform specially set up by, a key news website of the Central Committee of the People’s Republic of China, providing all-round services for the publicity of Hubei province in the new era.Wuhan Winter Jasmine Flower Market, which opened on 21 February, will last until 15 February. Five million potted plants and more than one million fresh cut flowers from hundreds of flower shops in three towns of Wuhan will be put on the market to ensure supply.In order to enrich the flower life of citizens, the flower market will hold more than 10 related activities in communities and scenic spots, open an online platform to buy flowers, and put 50,000 Huimin flower coupons.The picture shows the street scene of Flower Street, Jiefang Park gate 1, the main venue of Wuhan Winter Jasmine Flower Market.(Photo by Ni Na, Correspondent Wu Xiao, Zhao Yinfei) (source: Hubei Daily)