Get through the express to send the “last mile”

2022-05-02 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Cao Lanlan, who lives in Yongsheng Village, Hongshanyao Town, Yongchang County, received online shopping. “Now the village can also receive express delivery,” she said. “It is very convenient to shop online or mail special products to relatives and friends.”Since 2021, Jinchang Postal Administration has actively promoted the “Postal express cooperation”, encouraged the coordinated development of postal and express delivery enterprises in rural areas, and opened up the county-village-two-way delivery logistics channel.At present, the “Express-Post cooperation” covers 139 administrative villages in 12 towns and townships of the city, covering 100% of the towns and administrative villages.For a long time, due to the remote location of some towns in Jinchang city, scattered living points, imperfect distribution network, resulting in “fast delivery”.To this end, Jinchang Postal Administration effectively integrated resources, through the mail truck to transport express to township postal outlets, all rural express to Jinchang in Lanzhou to change the surface list, through forwarding postal channels for receiving, sorting, transportation, delivery operations, to ensure the safe delivery of express to customers.To fall to the ground to carry out the “mail fast cooperation”, to work as soon as possible, the singularity further clear guidance of postal service express enterprise cooperation rates, ways of service, responsibility, obligation, content, and adopt the mode of “private civilian workers” and so on, to promote rural delivery vehicle, and optimize the integrated circuit, postal delivery add a single line mileage and node number, and perfected the 26 village post station construction,Effectively improve the delivery, collection operation capacity.At the same time, play to help farmers leadership, guidance to delivering enterprise continues to do big do best “delivering + baby pumpkin” “delivering + beef and mutton” projects, such as open “jinchang place and revitalization of the pavilion”, actively by mail company, mail store electricity poverty alleviation work such as platform, the cumulative release jinchang local agricultural special products more than 40 species,Through postal express, we boosted the export sales of various local specialties by more than 400,000 orders. In 2021, the revenue of agricultural products delivery was 19.883 million yuan, driving the sales of agricultural products by 95.355 million yuan.