Notes on Applying for Housing Security

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1. Application for housing security Procedures The applicant shall submit relevant materials to the sub-district office or the township (town) people’s government of the place where the household registration is located or the place where the residence permit is applied for.In conformity with the conditions, census register seat or residence in the applicant claims to community public five days – no objection to the expiration of the public, and submitted to the municipal district people’s government of the housing security audit department municipal district people’s government of the housing security audit department review five working days, to the competent department of city housing for examination and approval to the competent department of city housing in 20 from the date of receipt of the relevant application materialsIf the examination and approval are completed within working days, and the conditions are met, the “Yinchuan Housing Security Certificate” shall be issued to the public within five working days on the government website and other media.1. Approval Form for Registration of Housing Security for Middle and low income Families with Housing difficulties in Yinchuan city (obtained by the sub-district office or the township (town) people’s government);2. Proof of family income: including income proof of both the husband and wife and the children who have not reached the legal marriage age (school status certificate should be provided for those who go to school).If the salary is paid by the bank, the income statement of more than one year shall be provided.The salary introduction letter issued by the employing unit in cash and the copy of the business license of the unit with official seal;For retired workers or pensioners, provide bank statements of more than one year and bring retirement certificates;No income shall be assessed according to the provisions;3. Proof of family housing status (To apply for renting other people’s housing, a rental contract should be provided;If the applicant is the head of the household register and the address of the household register is a residence, the property right certificate of the residence shall be provided.Application for housing rental subsidies, but also need to provide rental record certificate (household registration or residence permit application for the sub-district office for handling);Those who move to the three districts of Yinchuan to apply for the purchase of affordable housing or commodity housing with limited price shall also provide the proof of the housing in their original place of residence and their records, whether they have participated in the housing reform, and whether they have enjoyed the policy housing.4. Original and photocopy of id card and hukou booklet of applicant and family members (id card should be photocopied on one side of A4 paper on both sides;In addition to photocopying the personal page of the hukou booklet, the first page of the hukou booklet should also be photocopied.5. Original and copy of marriage certificate (original marriage certificate or divorce certificate and divorce agreement;Or the original court judgment and the division of property);6. If a family owns a vehicle, provide driving license, vehicle registration certificate, purchase invoice or vehicle value evaluation report;7. Original and photocopy of other certification materials (if there are special circumstances, such as low guarantee, disability certificate, soldier’s family, model worker, model, etc.);In case of serious illness, provide diagnosis certificate, medical bill, hospitalization certificate, etc.).Yinchuan housing center office address: yinchuan citizen A five floor hall hall url: 5556102 statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: