Oil prices, freight prices, together with the ban on sand mining around the river, natural sand prices continue to rise

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Overview: The 14th five-year plan to help the high-quality development of sand industry, the relevant management regulations of river sand mining forbidden area and forbidden mining period have been issued around the country. The supply of natural sand is reduced, the downstream demand is gradually rising, and the enthusiasm of sand procurement is constantly improving. Where can the high-quality sand source be found?Among the major river channels in Guangdong Province (within the jurisdiction of Guangzhou), river sand collection will be prohibited in 2022: from the north trunk stream of dongjiang River, shilong North of Dongguan city, to the west and to the southwest of Baihezhou, and from the Shiyang Waterway to the Pearl River Humen Bridge;From Zini, Shawan Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou city, via Shawan Waterway, to the main stream river of Sha Zai Island, Nansha District.Sand mining will be banned from March 1 to June 30 in 32 river channels including the Yangtze, Jialing and Wujiang rivers in Chongqing.The Water Resources Bureau of Yuechi County, Guang ‘an City, Sichuan Province announced that the jialing River (Yuechi section) and the whole section of The Qujiang River (Yuechi section) in the territory belong to the forbidden mining area, and the qujiang river is currently banned all year round.The warning water level of Ganjiang River xinjan station in Jiangxi province is above 35.39 meters and during the fishing ban period, many sections of ganjiang river are banned.Tributaries of Ganjiang river: Yuan River, Yi River, Mekong River, li River all forbidden.By March 22, 2022, the national comprehensive sand price was 114.3 yuan/ton, up 0.26% week on week;The average price of natural sand in China was 139 yuan/ton, up 0.72% week on week, and the price of natural sand rose the most, including Jiangxi, Shandong, Anhui, Liaoning and other places of natural sand prices have been gradually restored around the construction of engineering projects, downstream demand is gradually rising, upstream quality sand supply weakened.At the end of February, Chongqing entered the forbidden river sand mining period, and the local natural river sand supply was tight. A large number of sand traders went to the downstream to look for river sand suppliers, resulting in the increase of sales of lake sand in Hunan and river sand in Hubei.According to the hundred years of architectural research, the present stage of Hunan Xiangyin, Yuanjiang, Miluo mining area is not open, hanshou mining area is currently a small amount of supply;Hubei Jingzhou and Shiyan are supplying natural sand, with a monthly supply of about 700,000 tons. The price of jingzhou natural sand is about 85 yuan/ton, and the price of Shiyan is about 90 yuan/ton.Iii. Shortage of shipping resources along the River Affected by the rising price of crude oil, the average freight price of ordinary automobile transportation of sand and stone has risen by 500-600 yuan/car, and the freight along the river presents a narrow range of shock running situation.Sand trade in cities along the Yangtze River is slightly affected, shipping freight is stable and strong, and shipping resources are still in shortage.Superposition along the impact of public health events in cities, sand and stone trade activity is general.The Three Gorges Dam is in maintenance period and is expected to resume normal navigation from tomorrow. Due to the backlog of ships passing through the dam before, it is expected to fully resume normal navigation in late April, when the sand and stone trade may really enter the peak season.Four, afternoon prediction due to the shortage of natural sand supply continuously, coupled with rising prices, part of the project to the current “nova” boutique mechanism of sand and gravel aggregate, many suppliers feedback, the inquiry mechanism of fine sand project, on the one hand, it can be seen that the river the postharvest was promoted the environmental protection consciousness of people, on the other hand,The use of high-quality machine-made sand has been recognized, and the demand for high-quality machine-made sand will be improved in the future.