Solved the case, the Chinese women’s soccer prize announced, won 6.36 million runner-up 3.18 million, far less than the national soccer team

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Solve crimes, the Chinese women’s team bonus awards, winning 6.36 million runner-up, 3.18 million, well below the team’s fraction of China’s women’s self-respect, scoring in the Asian cup final, will be in the evening of February 6, 19 points against South Korea for the final champion, now I think we can be very concerned about a topic, is the Chinese women’s team title can get the money this time,Can get much money, the’t was the Asian cup 47 years set to win a bonus for the first time in history, with the title etc. These are the Asian football confederation in which a rare shown for the attention of the Chinese women’s soccer team, first set bonuses for half a century, according to the current situation to get the champion can have a prize of $1 million, or 6.36 million yuan,The runner-up can get a bonus of 500,000 yuan, which is half of the champion’s bonus, equivalent to 3.18 million yuan, but there is still a huge gap with the prize money of men’s football matches.You know at that time the Chinese team to participate in 2019 that the Asian cup football game, champion team can get a $5 million prize, first runner-up, the team will also be able to get 3 million, at that time, although the Chinese team will be eliminated after qualification, but also got the $300000 prize for a promotion, and this time the Chinese women’s team to the final four,If recently lost can only get 150000, but now even guaranteed at least hit the runner-up will also be able to get the $500000, but the number for the Chinese women’s team now have very, we just said 47 years Asian cup for the first time in history, but is still a drop in the ocean compared to the men’s poor too far.In may this year when the coach li3 tie3, Chinese football we played the last four 40 championship games, like the maldives, Guam, the Philippines, Syria, we have made a four straight wins the prize is ten billion and two million three hundred and 6 million, respectively, at that time the four games together we took a total of 12 million yuan of bonus,Into the top 12 after the game, this bonus system is to continue, the Chinese team in the past eight games top 12 just won a game, which is in March last year when the game 3-2 victory over the Vietnam, so that the Chinese team got a 6 million in the top 12 game stage, and then got a 12 million ten strong match four stages,That is to say, in less than one year under the coaching of Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng, the Total prize money of Chinese men’s football team was 18 million yuan, so even if the Chinese women’s football team won the championship, the total prize money was less than a fraction of the National football team.That more than 600 compared to the 18 million, of course, this isn’t some sponsors again to give extra bonus, it’s no wonder Huang Jianxiang have urged that the football association should consider the 6 million bonus distribution system also ration women’s, said enough attention, so for the support of the Chinese women’s team is really can’t stay on the verbal level,From the recent evening we can see that there is no live broadcast on CCTV.Now we are talking about the details of bonus distribution and so on. The all-round attention of Chinese women’s football team really needs to be strengthened, and many fans are calling for the men’s football team. No one in our Men’s football team should have a salary of 1 million yuan.This is really a topic for China’s football reform in 2022.